Ballet Diet: What to Eat Before a Workout

Many of my clients have asked, what is best to eat before our Ballet Body Sculpture workout class? It becomes especially difficult choice if the class in the evening, far away from your lunch and heavy dinner is not an option before a ballet class:)


There always seems to be mass confusion when people decide what to fuel up on before a workout. Should I make a protein shake? Have a piece of fruit? Do I even need anything at all? Ultimately, everyone’s different, and we all have different nutritional needs—so give a few of these workout foods a shot and find your perfect combination!

For your pre-workout snack or meal, make sure that you’re grabbing something with complex carbohydrates to give you extra energy for those grand jetes —but keep it light so that stomach cramps don’t interrupt your exercise or dance!

1. Fruit and Nut Butter

An apple or a banana will provide you with a good spurt of energy before your workout. Bananas are loaded with potassium, which will help prevent muscle cramps and replenish the potassium that you lose when you sweat. Throw in some nut butter for a burst of protein and lasting energy for Ballet Body Sculpture class.

2. Oats With Fruit, Nuts, or Chia Seeds

Oats are great because they’re complex carbohydrates that provide a long-lasting source of energy. Feel free to add in some fruit for a quick burst of energy, a handful of nuts for added protein, or some chia seeds for a ton of extra health benefits.

3. Dried Fruit With a Handful of Almonds or Walnuts

Unsweetened dried fruit can be an excellent source of healthy carbohydrates, and when paired with a handful of nuts, they can be a perfect pre-workout snack for anyone who’s on the go or has limited time.

4. Whole Grain Toast

Whole grain bread will give you the energy that you need to push through your workout. If you have an hour or two before your workout, add some almond butter or avocado to your toast for additional nutrients and sustained energy. Just remember that these additions will take longer to digest.

5. Baked Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes have long since been considered a superfood for runners and other professional athletes, therefor it’s great to incorporate them into the meals before your exercise class. They’re an excellent complex carbohydrate that’s loaded with vitamins and minerals—which will help you achieve your goals in class.

6. Coconut juice

It is low in calories and contains natural enzymes and minerals like potassium that make it a super drink. While it is good to sip on fresh coconut water anytime of the day, drinking it at the right time can definitely double the health benefits that you can derive. coconut water is a great natural sports drink that helps in hydrating your body and boosting energy before a workout. Whereas after a workout, coconut water helps in replenishing the lost electrolytes during the intense session. Drinking coconut water helps in fighting fatigue and exhaustion and is one of the best energy boosting drinks.

Happy Dancing!