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Ballet Body Sculpture is a Unique Ballet Based Exercise Workout Program regardless of your age, ballet, dance or fitness experience. Perfect for those looking to create a graceful posture and body line, using techniques from classical ballet, Pilates, stretching and Neuro Linguistic Programming; forming a powerful mind & body connection for immediate and lasting results. No previous experience in ballet is necessary to join our classes and start creating your dream body line, elegance & posture. Available classes : Group & Personal training 



ballet body sculpture workshops

Our Ballet Body Sculpture workshops are a unique opportunity to find out more about our excellent ballet based training as well as body mechanics and NLP. Here you can learn the detail and precision of our program in order to excel and gain great results in further classes. There is also an opportunity to experience the freedom of movement, dance, ballet choreography, to gain better artistry, expression, confidence and personal development.

No need of previous experience in ballet or dancing is necessary, just the enthusiasm to do something different and to sculpture your body in a graceful way.


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Redefining Fitness & Wellbeing :  Swan Lake - Splits Flexibility - Nutrition


Date : 25/2/2017      Time : 13.15-15.45     Location : Villa Egli, Hoschgasse 4, 8008 Zurich


Learn some of the key graceful choreography steps from the famous classical ballet of Swan Lake, an epic tale of love, deception and tragedy. We will be developing your elegance and focusing on core technical elements of flexibility, strength and alignment, alongside the artistry and expressive qualities integral to this classical ballet. 

Discover some effective exercises to improve your flexibility, luxuriate in amazing stretching exercises in order to develop long, lean muscles, supple joins and good body alignment. Plus, learn some great techniques to stretch to side splits. 

Nutrition part  will cover top tips to maintain good health, wellness; news and latest discoveries of Nutrition Scientists; right nutrition to speed up results of workouts; how to manage food cravings; are the vitamin supplement necessary; Q&A session, so you can finally clarify for yourself, what earlier has been for you hesitations and doubts.


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