Ballet Classes for Children


Ballet Body Sculpture offers high quality ballet classes for children - where young ballet dancers can enjoy a positive and creative dance atmosphere - learning ballet, developing elegant postures, balance, artistry, body strength, flexibility, focus and concentration. The essential foundations of any child’s life.

Ballet is a wonderful form of exercise that combines artistry with elegance and athleticism. It allows children to use their imagination while also developing a strong mind and body connection as well as empathetic intelligence. Learning ballet from an early age has a great benefit in developing confidence, creativity, imagination, grace, posture, body awareness, musicality and coordination.

Classes are taught by world class professional ballerina's in a fun - but structured environment - to ensure the happiness of the children whilst they are discovering the joy of dance and ballet.

Founded by Asta Bazeviciute  : Read the background HERE

Children Ballet Classes in Zurich


Locations  : 

Children's Group Classes schedule


Saturdays : 

15.15 - 16.10  ( 3 - 4.5 years old )

16.15 - 17.15 ( 4.5 - 5.5 years old ) 

*17.15 - 18.15 ( 6 -7 years old ) 


Please register to book your place by email:


For those that interested in the older group than 7 years old, please contact us:

Show Classes with all parents invited to watch – to celebrate the end of the Autumn Semester :

Saturday 15.12.2018


Please pay attention to our Terms & Conditions HERE

What to wear :

3-4 years old : pink leotard & a pink skirt, soft leather ballet shoes with full sole, tidy hair bun style. 

5 & up years old : white leotard & a white skirt, soft leather ballet shoes with full sole, tidy hair bun style. 

All the items can be purchased at the ballet shop in Zurich. Please see the details HERE



* One Taster class per person

* If you decide to join half way through the semester, you just need to compete the payment for the remaining balance. The same applies with you choose to start with the taster class or 1 month trial. 

* Please note that all payments have to be completed prior joining the classes.



Children Classes Holidays : 

Autumn holidays : Mon, October 08 2018 - Fri, October 19 2018

Christmas holidays: Sat, December 22 2018  -  Sat, January 05 2019

Sport holidays : Mon, February 11 2019 - Fri, February 22 2019

Spring / Easter holidays : Thu, April 18 2019 - Fri, May 03 2019

Ascension Day: Thu, May 30 2019 - Sun, June 02 2019

Summer holidays: Mon, July 15 2019 - Fri, August 16 2019

Professional ballet coaching &  ballet classes for children & young adults


Ballet Body Sculpture also offers professional training for children & young adults who are aiming to become professional ballet dancers. Providing necessary preparation for those considering professional ballet or dance career, or simply to enjoy the dance, elegant posture, expression and movement. Our extensive top class  professional experience, ensures that the training is of the highest standard.

We can focus on whatever is required: including technique, pointe-work and repertoire

Achieving higher results training as a professional student/dancer

Improving ballet technique, artistry, coordination, strength & flexibility

Preparing for the ballet school, exams, performances and ballet competitions

Lessons are available by arrangement in Zurich and London locations.

Please contact for more information :