Why is ballet a great workout – Free 7 days exercise program


From walking to engaging in team sports, exercise comes in many forms. Aerobics, stretching, weightlifting and endurance training are some of the types of exercise that produce health benefits and enjoyment. With each type of exercise, proper technique and posture is critical in preventing injuries while achieving maximum health results. However with the rising interest in all fitness activities and the demand for training in body improvement somewhat left behind the need for precision and technique. The desire for quick gains and the increase of trainers over the last years with little to no understanding of technique or body mechanics, allowed to emerge various injuries, particular in the hips and lower back areas.

So why ballet is a great workout? Well, to begin – to be able to teach ballet a tutor should go through a considerably higher preparation than any other sport instructor. Ballet is the highest and most advanced form of exercise that requires a lot of knowledge, analysis as well as many years of learning and training.

“Ballet can help you burn a tremendous amount of calories and subsequently lose weight. Ballet involves total-body rhythmic movements that elevate your heart rate, breathing rate, circulation, and muscular activity. In fact, ballet elevates your metabolism 3-6 times above your resting metabolism. In other words, you’ll burn 3-6 times more calories when you’re dancing versus resting (known as 3.0 - 6.0 METS). For the average adult, this equates to burning approximately 3.5 to 7 calories per minute. If you’re aspiring to lose weight, ballet can be a fun and invigorating activity to help you reach your goals. Ballet provides a workout that is great for toning and flexibility.  It develops long lean muscles and trains you to have great posture in daily life.  The slow and controlled movements develop muscular strength while the stretching promotes flexibility.  It is also great for core stability and balance training,” says National Academy of Sports and Medicine.

Here is a short 7 days online program to push November blues away and to keep your body in shape in under 1h a day!

Day 1.

Ballet Body Sculpture Morning Class

Set yourself up for the perfect day. The class designed to improve your blood circulation, concentration, mobilize, stretch, strengthen the key areas of the body to prepare you for all your daily activities.

Ballet Body Sculpture Basic Core Workout

Detailed core stability workout, focused on the correct breathing, placement, conditioning and strengthening the muscles of your entire corset. Designed to tone and firm, whilst giving beautiful definition. Follow by uplifting music, a great class on it's own, or to be used as a warm up to our Ballet Barre Classes!

Day 2.

Elegant Posture, Arms & Back I

Create perfect posture & feminine ballerina arms. A graceful workout designed to give you toned, lengthened, elegant, arms and a beautiful back. Low impact, artistic exercises with high impact results. 

Quick Bottom Lifting & Thigh Sculpting Workout

Challenging mat exercises designed to lift, sculpt & shape your gluts & thighs. This quick power workout focuses on shaping the lower body, while strengthening muscles in the bottom, legs, thighs and core. Use it by itself or with other Ballet Body Sculpture workout classes for the best results. Ballet or dance experience not required.

Day 3.

Ballet Body Sculpture Blast Express!

( Beach Series)

A quick and intensive workout for whole body, targeting muscles in the core, legs, bottom and upper body. Great choice if you are preparing for a special event and are pressed for time. Sculpt long lean ballerina muscles and enjoy the burn to tone!

Slim The Legs ( Beach Series)

Workout slim ballerina leg muscles, tone & burn targeted thigh areas. Enjoy fun and effective exercises, sculpting your perfect legs and stretch to improve the length of the thighs.

Day 4.

Slim Fit – Perfect Abs Quick!

Enjoy exercising unique Ballet Body Sculpture series of toning, twisting, stretching and lengthening movements followed by motivating music & guidance. An effective workout if you have a little time to tighten your stomach and refine abdominal muscles!

Elegant Posture, Arms & Back II

Gracefully sculpt, tone and lengthen the muscles in your arms and back. A great workout to reshape the upper body, create excellent posture to look elegant and sleek instantly! 

Day 5.

Ballet body Sculpture Pro Legs!

These ultra sculpting leg exercise sequences are exclusively designed to give you strong, lean ballerina legs in the fastest time possible. Perfect if you are looking to define & style with a lower body workout, sculpting and toning your perfect pro ballerina legs and bottom.

Slim Fit – Perfect Sides & Core

A short and condensed workout to effectively define your sides, waistline and stretch the core muscles. Develop balance and core stability with our ballet inspired conditioning exercises, work the entire core with focus on the deep abdominals and obliques. Take inches off your waist and realign your posture.

Day 6.

Ballet Body Sculpture Barre I (Beginner)

Create Your Dream Body Line & Posture! An elegant Ballet Barre Workout class based on some muscle firing exercises from the classical ballet to tone up your muscles, lengthen, strengthen your legs, stretch & sculpt your thighs, calves and glutes for a stunning body silhouette.

BBS – Stretch Flex & Relax

This Ballet Body Sculpture class is designed to release and stretch, conditioning your body and mind in order to keep muscles and joints supple, helping you to improve and realign posture so you can exercise more efficiently with better form and keep your body injury free.

Day 7.

Ballet Body Sculpture Boost For the Core!

A unique combination of exercises to strengthen the core muscles, boost your metabolism, slim & tone body lines, perfecting your posture & waistline. Low impact, extensive movements to give progressive results.

Ballet Body Sculpture Active Stretch

Unique active stretching techniques to develop log, sleek and supple muscles, flexible joins and releasing tensions. Isolate & activate hidden areas to elevate your flexibility to a new level.

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