A unique ballet based program designed to achieve all your goals in fitness & well-being


The program goes far beyond the usual mind and body fitness offerings, into deep tissue workouts that will create a healthy optimal body profile, synergetic with each individual’s unique natural silhouette.

We offer high end expertise, drawn from the founding teams background in body development training as well as motivational coaching at the top of the international ballet and fitness world. Our holistic approach is based on four unique keystones to body optimisation.


Movement | Motivation | Metabolism | Mindset



Understanding body mechanics is a fundamental of creating the right posture and profile for you. Ballet Body Sculpture uses advanced techniques drawn from ballet, Pilates, stretching and flexibility to optimise the gains our clients can look forward to in the shortest space of time possible.



Key to any successful body development program, are the levels of enhanced motivation we can build into a clients mentality. This requires advanced visualisation techniques, specifically tailored to pull you into your personally designed future self and the optimal body form you desire.



Without adjusting your metabolic profile, all your hard work will be in vain as you work against your core program, set by your behavioural profile. Metabolic management automatically reprograms you calorie burn rate as well as optimising your system to subconsciously select the right foods for your best body form.


The way we think — how we identify ourselves and our expectations — govern the results we achieve. A positive progressive mindset has to be core to any wellness program, but here we move fully into consciousness and the symbiotic connection we all posses.


"After a second knee surgery leaving a 5 inch long titanium rod in my leg, thanks to Asta and ballet, I can walk, jump, and run again :-) no limp :-) " Maggie H.



The problem

The unfortunate truth is, the majority of people working within the fitness industry are only qualified to a basic level, sometimes with little more than a few months training. This applies to personal trainers, gym trainers, yoga teachers and those professing ballet expertise. Consequently, injuries abound with extremely low gains, as well as temporary and disappointing results.


The Solution

Ballet Body Sculpture is a high end program that begins with educating you in fitness techniques derived from a profession that normally requires the ultimate in athletic dedication. We believe the more expertise we train you in, and the higher the level of experience you are provided with, the better you will be equipped to help us optimise your behavioural triggers and use your body mechanics effectively. By using a holistic approach through our Ballet Body Sculpture program, tailored to your specific body profile and desired silhouette, we can create an highly effective bespoke development and management system for you to get you the results you want.



"Since I started the lessons with Asta, I felt a big improvement in my flexibility, coordination, body awareness and control, which I was unable to achieve in all my previous training, even working with a personal trainer. My posture improved and movements become very fluid and elegant. I love when I get the exercise form correctly, it always makes me feel really elegant and gives a nice feeling of confidence." Britta Dietsche


The Story


As a principle ballet dancer, training from the age of six to perform for the world’s top ballet companies, I always knew I wanted to share the expertise and ballet fitness secrets I was learning with everyone. My friends frequently came to me asking questions on how to create a dancer’s body, so I’d help them with posture, nutrition and effective moves that would give them the beautiful body they desired. My experience came from working with some of the world’s top fitness and dance professionals, in physiotherapy, sport medicine and mindset as well as body mechanics. When I retired I created Ballet Body Sculpture based on four keystones to an optimise body form, a program for everyone not just top atheletes. 

Over the years we’ve established the Ballet Body Sculpture program as the leading system for people who are committed to achieving the perfect body for personal or professional reasons.  

Asta Bazeviciute

Asta Bazeviciute

Kern Frost

Kern Frost

Our founding team includes Kern Frost, a leading authority on consciousness and advanced states of awareness. This takes our program far beyond any other system on the market, not only addressing the symbiotic connection of mind and body on a deep healing level, but also connecting our clients with higher spiritual and creative awareness; a mindset of true limitless potential and mental freedom.


"I absolutely recommend it for anyone thinking of starting to train with Ballet Body Sculpture. They will gain new insight into how their body coordinates and functions, as well as discovering new muscle groups they had never thought about or knew existed! Amongst all other benefits it has also been a great stress relief.” Olga


"Changes that I started to feel in my body, using well set up mind and body exercises kept me very motivated. My coordination and flexibility was something I always wanted to improve. After exercising on regular basis, I started to feel very good results not only in my coordination, flexibility and body awareness, but also in my posture as well as core strength. Something that I was unable to achieve in other exercise classes and gyms." Frances Terribile