Terms & conditions



The numbers of students in class are limited in order to maximise the gains. Prior to attending it is advisable to enquire about the available spaces.

Once a space for the class is reserved, any cancellation should be notified at least 8 hours in advance of the class.

If the attendance is cancelled less than 8 hours in advance, or in case of a no show, the class will be charged as attended and the class credit will be taken.

All reservations are non transferable.

We reserve the right to alter the schedule of classes or decline training where we feel it is necessary to preserve the integrity and quality of our programs.

If you have any health or mobility problems, please consult your doctor prior to starting the lessons.

Ballet Body Sculpture doesn’t take any responsibility about the items left in the studios, changing rooms or other training areas.

All program details are strictly confidential and copyright material. By attending classes students undertake that all information is provided to them and may not be shared copied or duplicated in any form whatsoever.


Group Classes:

Taster & Single class is valid for 3 month from the day of purchase.

Ballet Body Sculpture 10 class program is valid for 2 months from the day of purchase.

10 class regular is valid for 6 months from the day of purchase.

20 class regular is valid for 6 months from the day of purchase.

6 month unlimited is valid for 6 months from the day of purchase.

In case of illness, pregnancy or accident the program may be extended; the submission of doctor’s certificate is required.


Private classes :  

Any cancellation should be notified at least 24 hours in advance. Late cancellations or no shows are charged in full payment.


Children Classes:

The parents can enter the studio only 15min before the lesson starts.

The parents should bring the children to the studio downstairs and wait until the teacher arrives.

Except the show classes ( once every 6 months), only one parent per child is allowed to accompany, we also don't have enough room for the other children (brothers or sisters). Please manage your children care accordingly.

No parents are allowed during the class time, please leave the building. ( If your child is coming for the first time, you are welcome to stay in the studio for 10-15min, if needed). 

Once the class is finished, please wait near the studio downstairs to collect the children.

No walking, running, eating or drinking is allowed on the ground floor. There's no waiting room for the parents on the ground / entrance floor either.

Please respect any potential Arthur Murray Studio classes that might be taking place when passing through to the class studio.

The failure to follow the conditions would result the exclusion of your child from the classes directly, without any refund given for the future paid classes.

The rules are set to maintain a good relationship with the studios that provide us with the space for the classes.



All payments are non refundable. All students attend classes completely at their own risk and Ballet Body Sculpture and/or its representatives cannot be held responsible for any injury, damage or loss incurred. By attending the classes all students must agree to our terms & conditions and indemnify Ballet Body Sculpture and/or its representatives against any action whatsoever.

All program details are strictly copyright material. 

Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. You are responsible for exercising within your limits and seeking medical advise or attention as appropriate.



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