Starting Ballet Is Never Too Late - The Benefits Of Ballet Exercise For Older Women


Many people think it’s too late to start with ballet and that they can never attain that beautiful grace and posture of a ballerina because they haven’t started as children.
The truth is that not only is it possible, but it’s highly beneficial especially for women and here is why:

1. Ballet strengthens your bones and joints

As women age, the production of oestrogen, which helps build bone density naturally declines. Resistance exercises are a very important way to counter that effect.
During ballet training, you are working with your own body weight to create the resistance your bones need in order to stay healthy. Additionally, your joints are being mobilised and you get more freedom of movement and experience less pain on a daily basis and it can even help you recover from old injuries.

2. Your overall fitness increases

Ballet classes give you an incredible core strength and flexibility and increases your stamina and cardiovascular fitness. Not to mention that it boosts your metabolism and helps you burn fat more efficiently.

3. You don’t need previous experience

Any woman can benefit from ballet, no matter what her fitness, coordination or flexibility level is. You can see improvements quickly and it is a lot of fun because no one in the room is judging anyone else.

4. It rejuvenates you in many ways

Being able to control your body in a graceful way and expressing yourself is a great confidence boost, which helps you show your inner beauty to the outside and feel more feminine.
Additionally, correcting your posture literally takes away many years from your back and not only makes you look, but also feel younger. So don’t be surprised if people don’t recognise you in the street anymore…


Britain’s oldest ballerina Doreen Pechey started taking classes when she was 61 years old because her parents couldn’t afford to pay for them when she was a child.
She is 71 one now and has gone down several clothing sizes, her body shape has changed dramatically and she has more confidence, strength and balance than a lot of people younger than her.

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So, don't create unnecessary barriers for yourself, try something new, healthy & beautiful!