5 Perfect Reasons Why Everyone Should Take Ballet

We’ve all heard that ballet is the foundation of all dance forms, that if you want to get nicer lines, posture, fitness, slimmer physique or body alignment, you should try a ballet class. But there are other reasons, too, why everyone should take ballet. Here are to mention just a few:

1. For body awareness, length and strength, and better posture.

Ballet encourages you to always “pull up” and stand tall, improving your posture and building long, lean, stretchy muscles.

2.  To improve memory and keep your brain sharp.

Ballet requires you to think of so many things at once, pick up choreography quickly and execute movement quickly. It has so many cognitive benefits, including better memory and concentration.

3. To challenge yourself.

The thing about ballerinas is that they make it look easy, when the truth is, it’s probably the hardest of all the dance forms. But don’t be daunted; it may be difficult, but it’s not impossible, and the sense of achievement when you master a new step will make you feel fantastic

4. For better balance, coordination and agility.

Standing on one leg, performing complex footwork, intricate jumping sequences – ballet is excellent for balance, coordination and agility and your general fitness.

5. To take you away from all this.

There is nothing like getting into the studio to really take your mind off your troubles for the time of the class! Ballet requires so much focus that you won’t have time to stress about your “To Do” list. In fact, you’ll forget it exists. Think of it as a 60-minute moving meditation.

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Remember - you don't need to have any previous ballet experience to start with our classes!

Source : Dance Magazine