Ballet Body Sculpture Flexibility Program

Ballet Body Sculpture - Flexibility Program

A unique and effective exercise program designed to stretch and maintain flexibility in your muscles and joints: Conditioning your body as well as creating lean, long and supple muscles, achieving good body alignment and preventing any injuries. The exercises are structured for you to workout daily at a convenient time and place, simply using just your own body weight, varying the intensity and muscle groups to speed up progressive results. You will need a mat, a Terra Band ( elastic exercise band), for the barre exercises you can hold onto a steady chair or a counter top, and follow easy & motivating instructions.  All classes can be filmed and submitted for a review by our professional trainers, to receive a careful guidance and ensuring good progress.

2 months - $95.-/month  

Includes access to our full library of video classes available to exercise anytime and anywhere on your computer, laptop, IPhone, IPad or Apple TV. Once subscribed, you will receive weekly class guidance via emails.


*Unless you would like to continue further with the program after 2 months your membership automatically converts to a basic monthly subscription to our online classes.