Ballet - Great Stress Relief

Everyone knows and appreciates ballet as a beautiful form of art created by the fusion of a human body and music. We all see ballerinas and ballet dancers always looking very beautiful, happy, expressing great energy. Dancers in fact very rarely feel apathy or fall in to the state of depression… One could ask why?.. They surely have very demanding and intense lifestyle?..

Not a lot of people know that dancing #ballet can be a great remedy for relieving stress, anxiety, worries, mental tiredness, which with time could even lead to a depression. Exercising and concentrating on your body awareness has a tendency of releasing in your brain the certain hormones of happiness - endorphins, helping you to forget, at least for the time being, your current problems putting aside all worries, stresses or any bad thoughts. It almost becomes like a small holiday escape from the busy and stressful life into the other world of a better you, allowing leave the rest of the world in the background. 

Even though it’s a very temporary get away, one or two hour break would immediately change your attitude to your current situation in your life and whatever was effecting you before now would look in a completely different light, giving you a totally different perspective. It is almost like you have put an annoying, stressed brain to sleep for a while and now it can wake up rested, ready to help you resolve any issues or difficulties, making you feel happier, more energized and helping to move forward in your life. In addition to that, if you think of adding nice music to your #exercise, which would naturally l work as relaxing sedative, the effect of meditation would increase dramatically. Hence why many people chose dance or ballet as perfect exercise form, the routine that allows to relax from the daily life, giving a feeling of fun exercise, recharge of lost energy and the greatest stress relief…

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