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“Redefining Fitness & Wellbeing”

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Why Ballet Body Sculpture?

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Ballet Body Sculpture is a unique elegance, posture and fitness program for women, fusing the highly developed aesthetic nature of ballet training, with a mind body connection necessary to retain a wonderful and attractive outline for all occasions.

The system, combining Ballet, Stretching, Pilates and NLP techniques, was created by the founders of Ballet Body Sculpture to help and develop our clients inner sense of well being, with an outer radiance synonymous with the top performers of this classical art form.

These unique classes are now available internationally for women seeking the perfect body sculpture.

Now, all women, whatever their age can sculpture the figure of their dreams, through a series of captivating fun and social classes, where they will learn to develop natural grace, toned body, elegance and mentally lock perfect posture into their muscle and mind memory, so they can look and feel their best everywhere, and at all times, especially when it matters.

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