Ballet Body Sculpture - Redefines Fitness & Wellbeing

Exercising in ballet classes seems to have become more and more popular:)

Many people that never had a chance to practice ballet before now can enjoy ballet classes offered to adults in various locations. Ballet became increasingly popular in the US, especially after Natalie Portman appearance in the "Black Swan" ,and started to grow further, spreading interest in ballet workouts worldwide. Many celebrities, films stars and models used ballet to advance their appearance, fitness and posture. Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Princess Diana, Patrick name but a few.

Attractive as an exercise form, as well as being very beneficial for #posture, fitness, flexibility, coordination and expression of movement, #ballet based classes can also help to develop the beautiful long and lean muscles, that everyone admires in ballet dancers. As well as help to strengthen the core, giving a great feeling of a really well conditioned body.

For the ones that wish to have a bit more personal approach, conscious about their appearance and would like to focus on more precise development of their body, posture, positive state of mind and confidence, we created a specific program – #ballet classes and workout, combining #ballet basedexercises with NLP – neuroligustic programming; allowing not just to achieve better results but also to secure them for the longer time.

Ballet Body Sculpture - Redefines Fitness & Wellbeing. Our ballet classes and workouts, as well as our personal training classes are now available in Zurich and London, expanding to other locations too.

We always welcome people that are interested in our program, share similar views, like to find out more, or join as teachers or agents.

For the ones that are curious, our workshop is a great taster to the program, no previous experience in ballet is necessary; just the desire to do something different and fun, to jump into the beautiful world of ballet and start sculpturing your own body in a graceful way.

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