Have you ever wanted more?


One of the most powerful aspects of Ballet Body Sculpture that our members benefit from — that NO other fitness program offers — ballet based or otherwise, is access to world class mental coaching; and when I say world class, I really mean the highest international standard.

So much of what we do within our programs at BBS — like our 7 Weeks Transformational Program or a new 6 months unlimited, includes a personal coaching session — which allows our members to benefit from the most amazing business and personal development guru I’ve ever met.

In the professional ballet world, there are no end of coaches who work with the mental challenges a top performer experiences. Just think, when you are performing in front of thousands under immense pressure — as your career is often hinged on one performance — the right mindset, which includes mental and emotional management, is essential to stay at the top of a very competitive industry.  

Getting to become a principal ballerina, requires making many serious decisions, which mean personal, mental and physical sacrifice and compromise — beyond the experience an average person will ever encounter; and this is where the support of a powerful mental coach is so essential. It is for every great athlete or performer.


These days, ten years since I retired, the coaching industry is beset with people who have left a corporate job to become a life coach with little or no experience, which confuses people to the level of expertise and change top international coaches can provide — what a really good coach is, and what they can do for you. Since my ballet career finished, I needed a different kind of support and confidence, I needed business development and personal development, which meant thinking bigger, more strategically, more confidently in a new world of extreme challenges. Fortunately I met Kern, my partner, who had already been in the entrepreneurial world for twenty years, as well as having run a practice in NLP and Hypnosis in Harley Street in London. That was ten years ago.

Kern’s expertise is now off the chart in the level of experience he can leverage for me and for the members of BBS, as an international expert in higher levels of consciousness and thought. Let’s put it this way, he talks the walk and walks the walk — when it comes to using what he knows to advance our members, his clients, and his own steps to achieve. Kern has written over a million words — that’s sixteen books on personal development — talks internationally, and trains at the highest level, using an immense wealth of knowledge about the past and the future of social and psychological development, to massively change lives.

What can this do for you? Well, that’s what he has done for me. Just like his organisation called Limitless International — which allows sponsorship of raw untapped human potential all over the world, he can change mentalities — so life becomes truly limitless. His ability to understand exactly what you think, why you think the way you do, and how to release the potential you didn’t know you have — is second to none. I’m testament to that.

As part of our 7 weeks as well as new 6 months unlimited programs Kern is available to you too — for 30 minutes, when the celebrities he works with pay thousands for just an hour of his time. This is just one more reason why BBS gives you more than any other workout program in the world.

See you soon!