Kern Frost

Kern Frost


Kern is focused on realising a person’s authentic identity and limitless potential, through using an advanced therapeutic technique called Conversational Theoretical Consciousness. This process he developed through countless hours of working with individuals — either at the top end of the aspirational scale, or those in therapy who suffer difficult personal mental issues.

As our resident mind magician, Kern helps our BBS students overcome self defeating patterns that limit their expectations of what they can achieve through our programs —as well as in life in general. It all becomes a mind-game when you listen to Kern talk, as he makes complex issues seem easy to navigate and overcome — so nothing is a problem — unless of course you want it to be.

Unfortunately, many people hold onto limiting beliefs, because they believe they are their limitations — so nothing else exists. The mind — that seems a maze of unknown depth to the average person, is like Kern’s back yard, a place he knows in such depth that you will simply wonder how life could ever been anything other than a place of fun and freedom.

When you join either our 7 weeks transformational program, you get a 30 minute Skype session with Kern...that will simply change your life. That’s it. Simple. 

Just to put this into perspective, Kern now charges top professionals and celebrities around the world thousands of dollars an hour — but within BBS programs you get access to top level advice and wisdom as a part of our programs — just as always.

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