How to improve your health & happiness

In recent years, science has been showing posture to be a magic bullet for everything from low back pain to low energy and low self-esteem. Add to this (in case you haven’t heard) that sitting is now the new smoking. Our shoulders, backs and hips ache from sitting, our necks seem to be permanently bent over the smartphones, challenging our mind and body on daily basis both physically and psychologically.

You can literally begin to feel better, more confident, energized, alert, empowered, and even sexier simply by standing up straight!


But what does “good posture” really mean? Although the idea makes sense, there is much confusion and misinformation about what good posture actually is and how to do it effectively. Ballet technique develops good posture because moving the limbs with extension requires especially well-supported spine as well as well placed back muscles. Incorporating balletic principles of good posture into your everyday life will make you feel like you healthier, happier and more efficient at our daily routines.

Posture is NOT about standing still. It’s about supporting your spine whether you are moving, standing, or sitting.

Here are a few Posture, Health & Happiness exercises:

  • Feel long through your lower spine.

  • Hug in your core.

  • Drop your shoulders down and feel wide across the chest.

  • Breathe deeply.

  • Feel your shoulders stretching sideways away from one another. 

  • Feel the top of your head reaching up toward the ceiling.

  • Release your chin, jaw, and neck.

  • Soften your face. 

Supporting your spine improves mood and energy levels while also relieving much hip, back, and neck discomfort. At the same time, good posture provides mild conditioning of the core and back muscles, so what at first requires concentration and effort very quickly becomes second nature. Reinforcing those few exercises by adding Ballet Body Sculpture classes to your daily or weekly habits will create magical effects on your overall wellbeing!