Pamper your body with exercise!

Workout should not be a chore.  Exercising makes you feel terrific and look even better.  Your skin glows, your clothes fit better, you feel happier, relaxed and more confident, your sleep is more restful and satisfying at night.


So why do we sometimes fear it?

Dancing, stretching, swimming, working out — it’s always been a guarantee feel-good experience flooding the body with endorphins, confidence and a satisfying strength.  But there might be times when your diet does not work very well and your motivation for working out becomes completely wrong.  If you are overeating, then under-eating your weight would fluctuate all over the scale and you could get into the habit of looking at exercise as a punishment for your body, not a reward.

With this negative approach to exercise no matter how much you work out, your results won’t please you and it will not be much fun.  Remember that the whole point of exercise is to feel better and become healthier, the struggle you might be facing isn’t just in your body, it’s in your mind.

Instead of dreading working out, think for yourself : “This is the TIME FOR YOU”!  You are doing something nice for your body today!  The simple shift in perspective will help to positively change the mindset and learn to treat your body with love.

If you are struggling with motivation, don’t freak out.  Think about exercise and healthy eating as a way to pamper rather than punish your body.  Concentrate on how great you will feel not only during, but after your workout is done.  Indulge in  a workout, and you will definitely enjoy the results! 

Happy Easter!!!