10 Reasons How Your Life Improves With Ballet

Many think that ballet is a beautiful fairy tail and reserved only for the little girls or for the physically gifted ones. However, if you look a little deeper you will realise that ballet is an amazing technique, exercise of it’s highest forms, offering the biggest potential for your body as well as for your mind development. The overall wellbeing.

1. Posture!

Beyond looking taller (and slimmer!) standing up straight increases mental alertness and communicates confidence and authority. And who doesn’t need an antidote to all that slumping over computers, tablets, and smart phones? Ballet builds incredible posture that makes you look and feel fantastic! Try our Ballet Body Sculpture Posture Alignment Class Here

2. Never Ending Variety

With hundreds of steps and an infinite possibility of combinations, ballet is never boring for the body or the brain. The many types of ballet movements continually challenge and build a versatile physique and agile mind.

3. Total Body for Life

Ballet is a way of moving that becomes part of how you are. It is a sustainable fitness practice that develops: 

  • core strength

  • length        

  • tone

  • flexibility

  • agility

  • endurance

  • coordination 

  • balance 

  • control

  • and general physical ease and confidence that stay with you far beyond the walls of the studio.

4. Musical Inspiration

Ballet music is fabulous and easy to listen. Studies show that listening to classical music has many of the same benefits attributed to meditation, including increased relaxation, mental alertness, creativity, and problem solving ability. Listening to beautiful music adds a unique dimension to your workout that can really awaken and inspire you!

5. Mindfulness

Ballet is a technique with many layers of complexity. It requires generalized focused attention. Just as yoga follows the breath, ballet hones total body awareness through the relationship of movements with music. Dancers go deep inside their bodies to feel the details of the technique, and in doing so, discover more of themselves both physically and mentally. Ballet is a beautiful journey into the body! The technique offers structured guidance that helps you appreciate and access more of your capacity to move and truly enjoy your physicality.

6. Elegance of Movement

Ballet is a body-positive practice that removes the masochism from fitness. The exquisite music and movements of ballet go beyond merely “feeling the burn” to show how beauty can be a far greater force of transformation (and motivation!) than a “pain equals gain” fitness ethos. Ballet Body Sculpture lets you experience beauty and enjoy your workout.

7. Never Ending Improvement!

You never really do the same plié twice. As you become familiar with the technique, ballet helps you discover muscles you never knew existed! Once you start mastering some aspect of the technique, another layer of the movement opens up and provides a new level of physical and mental challenge. Ballet always gives you more to learn, practice, and enjoy! And with every drop of sweat you’re also becoming educated in one of the most respected dance forms in the world.

8. Weight Loss & Body Shaping

The high intensity of ballet exercises will gradually shape your body and sculpt your perfect figure. The body gradually becomes slimmer and fitter without bulks of unnecessary muscles, building inner deep muscle strength and grace.

9. It Will Protect Your Joins From Injuries

Ballet exercises require focus and attention to the detail : mind & body connection, teaching the body how to consciously use the muscles to achieve the movements. The rotational “turn out”, when taught correctly, allows to engage forgotten muscles groups and often overcome as well as prevent from the injuries.

10. It Will Make You a Better Leader ( Or anything your choose to be in your life)

Attention to detail, a constant desire to learn, grow, and do better work, taking risks, disciplined effort, trust, creativity–these are qualities ballet training hones that also make for success in business.

Looking forward to seeing you at our classes!