What Exercise Can Do For Your Memory

We all already know how much benefit can bring regular exercise. However even with the best intentions sometimes it can be difficult to squeeze in a good workout in today’s busy lifestyle. Fortunately, a new study has shed some light on the power of super-short workouts when it comes to one of exercise's most underrated benefits: improved memory.


Scientists at the University of California examined how light, brief workouts affected brain function and memory. A small group of participants in their 20s completed the sessions and then took a complex memory test while scientists scanned their brains. Compared with those who simply rested before the test, those who'd exercised for about 10 minutes had better communication between the hippocampus and the cortical brain regions, which are the parts of the brain that deal with memory storage and vivid memory recollection, respectively. Those who exercised were also more capable of distinguishing between different memories. (And as a nice cherry on top, participants also felt better emotionally and mentally after the short bursts of exercise.)

The exact duration needed to have a meaningful impact on memory varies depending on a person's age, physical fitness ability, and other lifestyle differences. But when it comes to brain function we can all use extra TLC , right? Whether you're a 65-year-old or a 22-year-old these small bursts of exercise can offer substantial improvements. 10-20 minutes seems like nothing more than a fleeting moment, but it can be just enough time to go through some of our short online exercises! Check it out Ballet Body Sculpture Online Classes here.