What Exercise Ages You Faster & What Makes You Younger


Exercise that was once considered the most effective way to look younger, get leaner and more fit, now linked to accelerated aging, inflammation and chronic age-related diseases.

According to science, there’s a difference between chronological age and biological age, which means you can be 50 years old and literally have a body of a 40 year old. I’m sure you’ve met someone that not only looks 10 years younger, but has boundless energy and stamina. That being said, I’m sure you’ve seen the exact opposite as well, someone that looks and acts much too OLD for their actual age.

So what’s the deal?  Is it genetics?  I know it sounds like the most reasonable answer.  But genetics have very little to do with how fast or slow you age.  Believe it or not, YOU have way more control over the aging process than you think.  

It's been proven that you CAN slow your aging process, BUT only if you know what to do. I’m not talking about having to take anti-aging pills or hormone supplements. This is much safer and more effective.  

Let’s look at what happens as you age:

  1. Your metabolism slows down to a snail’s pace as you age.  This makes burning fat and losing weight next to impossible.
  2. The hormones responsible for all of your youth-like qualities such as healthy skin tone, strong lean muscle and energy, start declining more and more each year that goes by.  
  3. Aging makes your bones weaker and more brittle by robbing your body of vital minerals that are essential for strong bones.  This is why so many elderly people suffer from hip fractures that can lead to even more serious medical complications.
  4. It’s not just your physical qualities that get negatively affected by raging, your brain suffers as well.  Your memory, your ability to solve problems, and your decision making skills all start to decline and worsen each year.
  5. And here’s the real kicker:  After 40, your biological age starts to speed up and age faster than your chronological age!  In fact, for every year that passes you can age up to 6 months extra.  That means when you turn 42, your body is essentially turning 43…if you keep this up, at 48 your body could be as old as 52!!


These are the harsh facts, but it’s the truth.  However, it doesn’t need to be this way.  YOU have the power to slow aging and prolong your youth.  If you use anti-aging strategies, you’ll be able to REVERSE the aging process by greatly slowing down your biologicalaging well below your chronological aging.

Here’s what you can expect when your body uses anti-aging strategies:

  1. You re-ignite your metabolism, reprogramming your body so you can readily start burning fat right away.
  2. You reboot your system, creating a resurgence of youth enhancing hormones so can get infinitely more energy—and replace flab with lean, strong muscle.
  3. You fortify your body by regaining bone density and building a solid foundation.
  4. Boost your brain power, enhancing memory and improving your cognitive function.
  5. You’ll decelerate your body’s aging process.  So, your biological age will age slower than your chronological age—making you look and feel younger each year that passes.

Now I need to warn you, what you’re going to read next is probably going to go against everything you’ve ever heard before.  BUT that’s because very few people actually know how to slow their aging process.  

Now, here is what you must AVOID if you want to slow the aging process and increase your metabolism to burn fat, boost your youth hormones to get more energy & stamina, and build a lean, strong, healthy body:


1. Cardio


Too many people think that cardio is the answer to everything related to weight-loss and fat-loss.  And although cardio can be helpful (if done properly), it does nothing to slow the aging process.  In fact, it does the exact opposite!.  Doing long frequent cardio sessions will break down your muscles and increase the production of free radicals.  These free radicals are nasty little things that damage the cells in your body and accelerate aging.

Don’t worry if you’re concerned about your heart health.  There is a much more effective way to improve your cardiovascular health, which I’ll cover in just a minute.


2.  A Low-Fat Diet


It’s hard to believe that “low-fat” is still a dietary recommendation because science has proven that fat is not the cause of weight gain or heart disease.  In fact, since the introduction of the fat-free diet, the world has gotten more fat and sick than it has ever been before.  

Fat is not the enemy.  Fat does NOT make you fat.  In fact, fat is an absolute must if you want your body to look and feel younger!  Why?  Because healthy fats are an essential source of good cholesterol, which is KEY to producing the hormones that enhance your youthful qualities.  (Not all cholesterol is bad, by the way — goodcholesterol is a crucial component of healthy skin tissue, making your skin more supple, glowing, and youthful).  If you’re following a low-fat diet, you’re depriving your body of the nutrients it needs to slow aging and keep your youth.


3. Yoga


Yoga has been around for thousands of years and it’s still around after all this time because it’s very effective for things like improving your inner consciousness, mind-body connection and spiritual health.  However, it should NOT be considered an effective form of exercise.  Sure, some movements are difficult and physically challenging.  BUT strictly physiologically speaking, yoga lacks the necessary components to stimulate your body to build lean muscle, burn fat and most importantly… to help slow aging.  Yoga can improve your flexibility and calm your mind, but it will NOT stimulate your “youth”. 

What to do Next? If you want to reverse the aging process, here is what you need to know.


Dancing & Ballet 


We all know that we love dancing and that it makes us feel great, but do we realise just how good it is for us? Below are a few reasons why ballet, as one of the highest forms of dance, is a great workout and very beneficial to our health, well being as well as anti-aging.

Keeps you trim
Dancing burns anything from 100 to 500 calories an hour! Ballet can burn around 300 - 900 calories per hour!

Tight and firm
Dancing strengthens and tones the legs and body. If the core stomach muscles are engaged at all times, as they should be, dancing can help build that six pack! Particularly as our stomach work is incorporated into all your Ballet Body Sculpture warm ups.

Ballet builds and maintains flexibility of joints and muscles which helps prevent injury in our daily lives and keeps you mobile, reversing the age process.

Strong bones
The impact of movement and jumping actually helps strengthen bones, aiding  in the prevention of osteoporosis.

Lubricated joints
The moving of the joints helps keep them mobile and lubricated, helping in the prevention of arthritis.

Mental strength and memory
Have you ever had to learn a routine quickly and then reverse it to the other side? This is a great workout for your brain. Ballet improves memory by making you recall steps, positioning and patterns. This helps keep your brain alert, quick and open.

Keeps us young
Dancing is a great anti-aging treatment, retarding the aging process immensely as it benefits your heart, cardiovascular system, lung capacity and overall wellbeing. It helps to keep you looking young too, as it keeps you supple.

Lowers bad cholesterol
Ballet as well as dance aids in lipid control which lowers bad cholesterol levels.

Exercising ballet and dancing we have to balance in many different positions on a regular basis. This strengthens our stabilizer muscles and builds our core, keeping you less prone to injury in daily life.

Dancing elevates the mood, and gives the feelings of happiness by raising your endorphin levels. The adrenalin associated with nerves before entering stage or mastering a difficult trick or lift can help give you a natural high also. If you’re feeling down, it's a perfect antidepressant!

Social Benefits
Ballet dance class peers can become an important part of your life. You have fun with them and share many experiences that only dancers understand. It can help you build great friendships,  as it is both recreational and entertaining. Friends provide us with support, many laughs and a chance to grow and learn from others.

Reduces stress and increases energy
Have you ever just wanted to dance to get away from the stresses of daily life? Ballet and dance increases blood flow and reduces tension,as well as help build stamina and energy levels.

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