Next Day Muscle Soreness – Workout or Take The Day Off?

So you made your New Year's resolution to pay more attention to your health, body and fitness, blasted through your training maximum and now suffering next day muscle stiffness (can hardly walk)? This is due to a buildup of Lactic acid as your muscles try to adapt to an increase in workload. In essence, this is a good thing, but to recover as soon as possible (so that you can walk again) don't take the day off. I'm not suggesting you should do some crazy fitness like CrossFit though. Instead, low-intensity cardio, ballet, body condoning and stretching are excellent ways to boost blood flow. This will send fresh, nutrient-rich oxygen to rejuvenate your muscles and encourage healing. Stretching after your gentle workout will also help soothe the pain and get you back on your feet. So next day you feel stronger, less pain and start seeing some results! 

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