How To Stay Fit & Healthy During Holiday Season

With Christmas approaching fast it seems that people slowly wind down their fitness routine and with an increase in festive cheer comes lots of food and lots of alcohol. Exercise and healthy eating is often pushed to the back of people’s mind around Christmas time and whilst of course Christmas is an important time for celebrating with family and friends, if you’re worried about keeping fit over Christmas here are some useful tips to help you:

Get your exercise over and done with in the morning:

If you’re the kind of person that likes to exercise in the evening after work, with your time off why don’t you try switching it up and working out in the morning. That way you get your exercise done for the day, your metabolism is kick-started and you don’t have to feel guilty about the huge amounts of food that comes with all of your Christmas festivities. Why not try our short 5-10min online classes to kick start your days?:-)


Nothing beats the clear headed calm that you feel after a great workout, especially when you do not even need to leave your home!

If you get your exercise over and done with in the morning you will avoid remarks from your friends like ‘Oh, come one, why are you exercising? It’s Christmas’…


Stay Active In Other Ways:

Why not try doing some fun outdoor fun and get your friends and family involved in seasonal activities. Try ice skating or going on a long winter walk. It’s important to make the holidays a family affair and planning outside fun is the perfect way to get everyone together having a great time. Even a snowball fight in the garden will burn lots of calories and keep everyone entertained!


Drink lots of water:

Water helps to curb your appetite and keep you hydrated. It’s especially important if you are drinking a lot of alcohol over Christmas. Why not try drinking a litre of water before your big family dinners, that way you’ll feel fuller and won’t be as tempted to overindulge on sweets.

Enjoy yourself:

Don’t stress about putting on a few pounds over the festive season. Spending time with your family and friends comes first during Christmas and it’s the one time of the year where you can truly let your hair down. Anyway, there’s no better time to say the diet starts next year when you only have a few days left of 2017! You’ve got all those New Year’s resolutions to come and when you’re ready to start again, ready to start your fitness journey once more.

I look forward to seeing you at our classes soon!