How To Create Your Own Exercise Room

Let’s face it, most of us are not really keen on the going to the gym idea. But we all know how important is to keep exercising the body as well as the mind regularly. So, I thought I would include some important items for you to make your own exercise room at home. Choose a place away from the family room, if you like to concentrate on your exercises and don’t to have distractions from other family members. Or you can try engaging the others, it might be quite fun!:)
So, start a shopping list and pick up the following items, if you don’t have them already.
1) Yoga Mat
Yoga mats aren’t just for yoga anymore! Any time you do a toning workout, try doing it on a yoga mat. Even if you have carpet in your workout space, a yoga mat is so much better.

2) Flex Band
Start off with easy stretch elastic band. They are great to develop flexibility, slim your lines as well as targeting specific body areas. Once you get comfortable, move up to a stronger and tighter bands to increase the tension and improve the strength. It is great to have a whole variety of different flex band so depending on your workout you can choose which one works best. You can buy elastic bands in any sport shop.

3) Laptop, Cell Phone or IPad 
Set your laptop on an ottoman at home and get right to the workout. It's great to exercise following some instructions on the screen, keeps you motivated and helps to exercise correctly, developing and working specific areas of your body. Try Ballet Body Sculpture Online Classes.

4) A tall back chair
Barre exercises are great to work, shape and slim your legs. But we don't aways have a professional barre at home to hold on too. You can simply do all these great ballet barre exercises holding on to the chair.

Just a few items is all you need! And of course, a water bottle! Get out to the store and purchase what you need and get started on your own gym. Set up some motivational posters, you can find plenty of those on our Twitter & Facebook page, and let's get going!

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