Visibly Reduce A Dress Size Just By Improving Your Posture

They say that after 40s, it's all about posture. Nothing makes us look longer and leaner, or gives us more centre-stage confidence, than standing well and moving effortlessly. Boost strength and stamina is also important of course, but working using some advanced professional techniques that encourages #great posture and mobility is going to do more for us in the future.

If you want to look slimmer and years younger in seconds work on your #posture whenever you can. Learn to keep your body's memory with a bit of conscious realignment until it becomes second nature. No matter how toned those abs might be, slouching curves the spine forward, creating rolls on the belly and making you appear inches shorter than you truly are.

So where to begin? Find a technique that works with your lifestyle and personality and you stick with it long enough to see and feel the rewards. Try this home exercise from #Ballet Body Sculpture

Stand up straight right now, lift your chin up, shoulders down, tummy in and back straight. Your muscles will hurt because they are used to an easy posture, which can cause rounded or hunched shoulders, a protruding stomach, and an ungainly masculine walk, as well as sagging facial features. Now, imagine you’re wearing a very expensive diamond necklace - open your shoulders out to show it off and slide your shoulder blades down your back. At the same time, draw your tummy in and try slowly lifting your waist up two inches – creating more space between your hips, rib cage and accentuating your waistline. Relax your shoulders and breathe normally. As you walk, you start to float with presence and grace, as you turn you glide, each movement becomes an expression of your inner beauty.

Keen to find out more? Learn the techniques that will create the grace and elegance, enhancing your posture, giving you confidence and making an apparent difference the way you move and stand - see more details bellow:

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