The Power Of Your Mind - How To Achieve Dramatic Results

If you want to improve everything from performance, fitness level, appearance to the time it takes to recover from an injury, look no further than your own head. The secret is a simple thing called imagery, or imaging, and it is something that you already use all the time.
“Everyone uses imagery, just not systematically,” says Eric Franklin, director of the Franklin Method Institute in Uster, Switzerland, and a member of the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science. “You cannot think or do anything without it.”
Imaging is the process of mentally going through a movement, an emotional state or a future scenario. Research of sports and dance psychologists has shown such mental activity creates changes in the brain that are similar to those happening when a movement is actually performed, which means that effective visualization, or imaging, can help you do something you have never been able to do before.
Imagery is perfect for improving self-confidence and technical skill. It’s important to make your image as realistic as possible, creating a strong mental anchor that would put you in a situation of already achieved results and give you confidence in being able to reach the goals.
Successful imaging requires that your image be based on an understanding of biomechanics, literally how your bones and muscles work together to accomplish a movement. Once you’ve developed an image that works, put it into action using an approach that sparks your imagination. 
“Basically, you want a change in the way your nerve cells are organised to create movement,” says Franklin. “To do that, you really do need a new feeling. Until you’ve done that, you haven’t made a fundamental change.”
The easiest and most basic kind of imaging is outer, or external, perspective, in which you see yourself from the outside, as if you are watching a movie. Those who are just beginning to image can use an external perspective to help themselves conquer stage fright. But remember, “You must create a reality,” says Franklin, “otherwise, it is a mental fantasy, not mental preparation.”
We all are able to create the best ourself if we put some effort and the right attitude. Engaging your bring power will take you to your most desired goals rapidly and the results become very dramatic. Looking younger, feeling fitter, healthier, more attractive, confident, happier, successful...or more, it's all within the power of your brain. 
To learn how to access this great potential within yourself, join our classes and start developing wonderful power using Mind & Body connections.

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