Breathing - How to use it correctly during exercise & ballet class

Breathing is very important, especially whilst excessing, dancing, doing any fitness activities as well as ballet. It will not just supply your body with the right amount of necessary oxygen, but also will allow your whole body to start functioning in a better way. Obviously if you don’t breathe you’ll die. But doesn't just mean to inhale-exhale as you need it. To start using your breath to your advantage you have to learn to harness your breath and use it as a tool.

Whenever you’re flexing a muscle, you should exhale, and when you’re lengthening, you should inhale. The idea is to put air space between the ribs and spine, and to lengthen as much as possible, and then keep that length as you exhale. Focus on holding your stomach muscles whilst breathing, keep them pulled, but allow your breath to travel deep down. Instead of relaxing your lower stomach every time you breath in, keep it pulled, shudders down and expand your lungs and diaphragm.

Experiment with your breathing our ballet workout classes. Try to focus on your breath and you fill find that you can harness strength you didn’t know you had. Learning to breath correctly and hold your posture at the same time is a great benefit. To learn more join our classes: