Ballet Workout is a NEW HIT - Celebrities that love ballet exercise

For years, celebrities have followed the ballet workouts' abilities to sculpture long and lean physiques, graceful posture and elegant appearance. 

Natalie Portman made a great impact on the perception of the ballet training and what can be achieve with dedication, as well as great results on the body.

Here are some well known ladies that shaped and sculptures their bodies using Ballet techniques:

Audrey Hepburn studied under one of the leading figures of Dutch ballet, her beautiful posture and body line we could appreciate in many movies.

Diane Kruger attended the Royal Ballet School in London, before moving on to the acting career.

Charlize Theron studied at the Joffrey Ballet School in New York. Remaining really elegant throughout her acting career.

Sarah Jessica Parker studied and danced at the American Ballet Theater in the ’70s. Before she was Carrie Bradshaw of SATC, she was Janey Glenn of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

Naomi Campbell enrolled at the age of 10 at Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts for ballet to follow in her dancer mother’s footsteps, before gracefully moving on with the modelling.

Kim Basinger started dancing at age three before pursuing beauty pageants and acting.

Brigitte Bardot was schooled for three years at the Paris Conservatory before winning a modeling contest and going into acting.

Penelope Cruz studied ballet at Spain’s National Conservatory for nine years which help her to retain lovely elegance and beautiful figure.

Madonna had a dance scholarship at the University of Michigan that had an effect on developing her fit & graceful body line as well as artistry.

So if you still wonder about the benefits of great positive effects of the ballet based training, there are some obvious results that we all admire.

To join ballet workouts and programs with Ballet Body Sculpture you don't need any previous ballet experience. And if you ever had a dream as a little girl doing a few "pas" and feeling really graceful, here is your chance to dip in and start enjoying the wonderful world of ballet, self expression and elegant escape from your dally routine. 

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