Mindfulness For You!

Often the biggest barrier to our health and fitness goals is our own state of mind. Fear, frustration, a desire to wait to begin exercising until we lose some weight, have more time, less busy time at work, more energy... there are many reasons, when it comes to working out and getting results it is very easy not to make it happen. 

Sometimes all you need is a reminder to be mindful and to take care of yourself!


Here are a few of ideas how to get moving: 

  • For starters ditch the guilt and stop thinking that you don’t have time or energy to workout. The longer you wait to start exercising the less energy you’ll have. Life is too short – you don’t have time to ignore your own health! The positive side effects of taking care of yourself will make the challenges in the rest of your day a lot easier to handle.  You don’t have 3 hours a week to workout? Begin by fitting in one or two 5-15min workouts at home with our online classes and visiting Ballet Body Sculpture studio once or twice a week.

  • If your days are busy with work you might want to consider an evening Ballet Body Sculpture class, you’ll gain your energy back, leave the class a lot more confident, uplifted and recharged

  • Another way to stay motivated and keep priorities in line is to pay attention to how you feel during and after your workout.  More energised? Less stressed? Positive and happy?

  • All our workout classes are structure to prevent/recover any potential injuries, by including stretching, lengthening the body exercises, relaxing your muscles and recharging your mind at the end of each workout.

Always remember –  small, consistent steps and a mindful strategy makes a big difference