Exercises to IMPROVE your cIrculation if you sit all day

If you spend most of your work day working on a computer and then you spend your evenings scrolling through things on your phone, neck, back, and arm pain can become a constant problem. A sedentary lifestyle does a lot of damage to your health: your muscles can become stiff, you can experience numbness, and tingling sensations may appear regularly.

Here are some simple exercises that can relieve neck pain, shoulders, stiffness in the back, hips & legs.

Upper Body

Working on a computer or even driving long distances causes tension in the neck and shoulders. The result — pain in the muscles, tendons, neck & shoulder joins. Pinched nerves and blood vessels in the neck can cause impaired eyesight or a headache. And these problems can be avoided just by doing some simple exercises.

Exercise No 1.


Sit straight, keep your shoulders down and try the reach each of your shoulder with the side of your head.

Keeping your back straight push your chin down to stretch the back of your neck.

Now, lift your head and your chin up to see the ceiling. Make sure you don’t slouch.

Turn your chin towards the shoulder and try circling it though the front down to the other side.


Exercise No 2.

Sit straight and place your hands at the back of your head. Gently press the back of your head back to your hands. This will engage your neck muscles and correct the posture.

Turn your upper body from side to side. Keep your back straight, shoulders down and try reaching your furthest turning point from the waist.

Bend sideways, elbow towards the waistline. Keep your shoulders down and elbows open to the sides

Try the same movement with extended arms. Palms facing outwards, shoulders down.


Exercise No 3.

Open your arms straight o the sides on the shoulder level.

Push your arms back keeping your chest forward and stomach in.

Lower Back & Hips

Pain in the lower back and heaviness in the legs doesn’t mean you are getting older. Maybe you have a sedentary lifestyle and little to no physical activity. Sitting for several hours straight may lead to sciatica — a condition when your sciatic nerve, which runs from your hips to your feet, is irritated.

Place your ankle on top of the opposite thigh and open the knee to the side. Keeping the back straight, slowly press the open knee further down and lean forward.

Extend one leg down and put it on to the heel, foot flexed with the toes pointing up. Stretch the knee and lean towards it keeping your back straight.

Doctors say that a sedentary lifestyle can even lead to the development of cellulite. In order to avoid the development of a serious problem or a negative cosmetic outcome, you can do simple stretching exercises. They will improve your blood circulation and make you feel healthy and beautiful.

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Source: brightside.me

Asta Bazeviciute