A Perfect Morning Strawberry Smoothie

A fruity smoothie is the perfect ‘pick me up’ in the morning! This recipe is super refreshing and simple to make as it only has 3 ingredients. Thanks to almond milk and maple syrup this breakfast drink is thick and creamy but without any refined sugar! It’s also very high in Vitamin C to boost your immunity this spring, rich in dietary fibre – helping to regulate bowel movements, and it’s also good source of potassium to regulate your heart rhythm for your Ballet Body Sculpture exercise classes!


How to make the Strawberry Smoothie:

1. In a blender, add in the frozen strawberries, dairy-free milk and maple syrup. Whizz up until smooth. If it's too thick, add more milk.

2. Pour into a glass and top with a fresh strawberry and coconut cream. Serve immediately and enjoy.

I hope you give this delicious strawberry smoothie a try!

Looking forward to seeing you at our classes!

Source: avogel.co.uk