How To Pick a Good Trainer or Coach

One of the biggest part of coaching or training clients, is overcoming limiting behavioural patterns and self identifying language patterns, these are the the fundamentals of what keeps a person overweight or functioning at a faction of their potential.


It’s not so difficult for the trained practitioner with a brain on active duty to hear the generalisations, deletions, and distortions in a client’s language patterns, and then set about changing their conscious awareness of how they are creating their own reality — by self programming their unconscious mind and the mind’s of those they talk to. So you can see, it’s an obvious vicious circle that keeps on working until it’s broken by taking some serious action.


However, the unfortunate thing is, the majority of trainers and coaches have no idea about how people create their own inauthentic identities and then wonder why the same things keep happening in life. The same weight gain, job losses, boyfriends, girlfriends, depression, anxiety etc, it all keeps on repeating and getting worse and worse. It’s a shame, and as I’ve said it is completely avoidable if the person your working with is a real professional who knows their onions. Then life changes dramatically, and results are fast and progressive.



Unfortunately, the majority of clients are completely unaware of what a skill-full mind operator is, and accept understandings that are old and out dated at best . But here are a few tips of what to look for on how to pick a good trainer or coach:


  • They will listen to you and note your eye moments and body language.

  • They will advise you on negative self programming language patterns.

  • They will teach you how to recognise this in others to raise your awareness to your own and thus become conscious to your self identification.

  • They will have a holistic awareness of mind and body, recognising your ability to be synergistic and symbiotic, and optimising everything you do and say to bring you into congruence.


Working with the body as an average fitness trainer or a life coach, is now now longer separate; if you want to get results and you want pro advice you have to make a different level of investment theses days — and it’s an investment into yourself that will reward you well.


There are big opportunities opening up in the advanced consulting, coaching, and training world, with often less hours and far higher pay than the average business owner or CEO for far less work. If you want to be the best you can be at being you, you might want to to think about investing your time into an industry that is set to expand with a limitless mindset, rather than working in industries with a limited future because of AI replacing jobs.


It’s a time to recognise that your value as a person is how you look, your fitness levels and your mental capabilities beyond your CV or IQ, which were never the basis of success. Your empathetic understanding, motivational levels and creative abilities are the personal asset you have to trade — and this is where the future lies in your development mentally and physically.