Why Stretching is Important

If you are looking to build an optimal fit body that is both strong and flexible, combining power and agility at the same time, stretching should play a vital part in your exercise routines. 


Stretching keeps the muscles loose, helps fight stiffness and even fatigue. It could even play a role as a potent anti-acing tool, helping to keep your movements fluid as well as keep your posture aligned. Flexibility exercises have great benefits both for your body your mind.

If your body is stiff or maybe you haven’t touched your toes in years, don’t worry! You don't have to be flexible to work on flexibility. In converse, frequent stretching develops flexibility and improves your mobility. A small amount of daily stretching goes a long way towards opening the body and increasing range of motion. With the right approach and professional guidance towards moving the body, you can change the way it looks and feels. Muscles are capable of moving your joins in or out of places. Hence why most people that have office jobs experience a lot of difficulties, pains and even long term injuries in the lower back or neck areas, due to overly tensed muscles that over the period of time start to pull the joins out of correct places, causing a lot of discomfort.  

If you are a beginner, add small stretches throughout your day - a quick opener for the arms, chest and back in the morning. A lower back and hips release when you have spent too much time in the car or at your desk midday. Add some hamstring, quadriceps ( front thigh) and calf stretches at the end of the day to lengthen the muscles in the legs. Take a look for some guidance into Ballet Body Sculpture online classes library here,  or drop in to one our live classes! Remember to start slowly, always work within your range of motion and warm up well for deep stretching exercises. 

See you soon!