The State of Your Nation

When you look at a person when you’re in the advanced mindset and body business, you can immediately see the limiting belief systems that they are themselves completely unaware of.

When you enter into a conversation with an individual, everything is revealed like a leaky bucket. In truth, people are completely unaware of what they project to the world, and often wonder why they get the poor results they do. 


Let’s start with physicality. When you see a person who is hunched, 9 out 10 times they have a weight on their shoulders — psychological issues that are manifesting in the body, pointing the head down, rounding the shoulders and curving the spine. What we think has a dramatic affect on our bodies, as all thoughts — and that’s 40-60 thousand thoughts a day — go somewhere to be collected in an organ or in a section of the body. If the thoughts are positive, then a person starts to stand tall and walk tall, where as negative cause pain and disease. 

It’s not just in posture however, it’s in the way a person walks, moves their arms, as well as the look on their face. The more negative, the more this shows to other people and thus the dynamics of life a person experiences, is directly proportional to the true level of awareness they have — as well as the charge of each and every thought.

99% of people are in an unaware state, but everyone thinks they are in the 1% that is aware and authentic in their lives. As a result, people get a little tetchy when you suggest that they are functioning at a fraction of their cognitive or physical potential; they are often happy being limited, because it’s far easier to be asleep in life than take responsibility for anything. It sounds hard, and it is, for when you break someone out of the sleep state, into a high level of consciousness, they suddenly realise what they’ve been missing.


Here are a list of layers we have to work through to find the core authentic person, and not the identity that thinks it thinks.

  • Our individual psychological profile we are born with

  • Our IQ, EQ, SQ, PQ, Intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical intelligence

  • Our prenatal unconscious recordings

  • Our post natal unconscious recordings

  • Our cellular memory from grandparents

  • Our formative conditioning from parents, relatives and siblings

  • Our religious and cultural conditioning

  • Our educational conditioning

  • Our social and political conditioning

  • Our environmental and situational conditioning

  • Our perception selection within the context of who we think we are from an ego base.


This list applies to all of us, and it is only those who invest in themselves to work though each aspect, that can really enjoy life to the full, mentally and physically. The rest are subservient in their behaviour, living within suppressive environmental dynamics and suffering brain damage from the toxic stress, because of bending their potential into a restrictive employment based life, or running a business for that matter. 


The problem is that life is holistic, and one part affects another. Where we spend our time affects our minds and our bodies, and we ultimately suffer as a result; shortening our life span dramatically. Our environments are so toxic on every level, that psychological issues such as depression, physical issues such as cancer and obesity, and mental issues like dementia ... are at epidemic proportions. 

Yet people keep taking the pain — and saying I can take more, without ever really looking at themselves in the mirror objectively, asking why me, and doing anything about it. This is primarily due to a lack of self love, for without being authentic and free in our lives, we never truly love ourselves, or consequently attract an authentic deep meaningful love.

One of the most amazing things in the mindful world, is you see the results of people not caring about the most precious gifts they will ever be given — their mind, their body and their time. They poison, abuse and neglect themselves on so many levels, it’s hard to have any sympathy with them when they complain— yet they never accept it as mostly self inflicted. 


However, one has to step back and see it from a true perspective, that they are victims of a society that brainwashes them on every level, and conditions them to believe it is normality, and they should be happy with their lot; and if not, eat more, drink more and distract themselves more to get over it.

It’s a shame people suffer, and never find their true authentic selves — because they never really get to live as they were designed or destined to do; they just live in a consumerist/ commercial society that expects them to consume and consume, and then get sick and consume dugs, and then pass on when they have no more life force to give left.

There are other ways to approach life, that are a lot more liberating, freer and a great deal healthier — as well as happier, but for the majority the thought of lifting their heads from the grindstone will never enter their minds. 


For me. when I work with a client — I go though four intensive sessions to cut through the conditioning and free the mind. It’s not an easy job as the amount of self destructive thoughts, language patterns and beliefs that are in the average person are incredibly high and incredibly entrenched. But these days, with all the practice, I’m pretty good at cutting through the crap and getting to the core. But you wouldn’t believe how many people fight to stay in prison — rather than be free

If you know anyone who thinks they should be happier, healthier or wealthier in life, ask the them to get in touch and I’ll see what I can do.