Often when I’m out and about, people suggest I must spend a lot of time in the gym... simply because that’s the default setting for losing weight and getting fit in most people’s reality. They don’t look outside of what they’re fed by general social trends and thus their thinking is incredibly restricted... so when I tell them I haven’t been to a gym for over twenty years, never lift weights and my diet consists of copious amounts of chocolate and alcohol, they look at best — befuddled, because my look doesn’t match the behaviour.

When I’m working with a professional athelete to gain more performance, the majority of the time I’m working with their minds —what they think is and isn’t possible. It’s the same for all of us, we navigate life on the basis of what we think we know, what we’ve been fed by a society based around a negatively competitive environment within a commercial dog eat dog world. What we’re told is all for money making or saving reasons, and not ours.


Unfortunately, we’re all part of the global brainwashing that’s been going on for far longer than my first realisation that I was about as ignorant as a worm in the earth — to what my body, mind and humanity were capable of. Since then, I’ve found myself further on the outskirts of society, with thinking that was not just out of the box, but over the hills and far, far away. The trouble is, you look back to where you once were, where the herd is grazing — oblivious they are on their way to the slaughter house, and feel you have to save a few reluctant souls.

Save them from what? - you may ask, and that’s the ignorance of the herd mentality  talking in you . Save them from what’s embedded in their minds — a self defeating settling mechanism, and an environment that programs them to not think to benefit the few.


For some of you, you may be aware I run a blog called the humanblockchain.guru and a initiative called the Councilforhumandevelopmment.org. We teach health, wealth and wisdom to advanced levels within a trainer trainers facility, where people can be fully or part funded to increase their levels of consiouness, awareness and authentic identity — so they can give up work and make more money than they ever imagined before —helping others rather than working for a corporation that’s only interested in profit for the share  holders. In the Human Blockchain, everyone is a stakeholder and gets an equal share of the profits. It’s the future of all company structures as there are no bosses, just a fully autonymous blockchain platform of collaboration. The division of corporations and customers will be a thing of the past, as the people will become part of fully antonymous systems leading to higher levels of awareness and social responsibility.

So what has this got to do with you, ballet or fitness? Well, it’s an example of how we do what’s only within our reality and stick with adopted process driven thought —defending our own ignorance to a point of self destruction. You see, there is a global epidemic of obesity and mental degradation going on, one that affects you directly, because of the causes. Humanity has actually dropped 14 IQ points over the past —the difference between normality and cognitive impairment, which makes some people wonder what exactly is going into our food, cosmetics, air, and water, and the truth is very disturbing. 

(However when it comes to thinking quicker and keeping the brain in shape, you may be surprised to know that it’s physical exercise and talking to strangers will work you out mentally, far more than reading a book ever will. )

I guess I’m on the front line of the reduction of our intelligence, as I see it all the time  in my travels around the world; symptoms that are very obvious to see, and mostly within the top 10% of the world. The major problem is a decline in empathetic intelligence EQ, physical Intelligence PQ, and spiritual intelligence SQ. Free thinking and creative thought is on the decline as people become affected by some very worrying influences going on with our bodies and brains. I’ve compiled a free training that will give you an insight into this information, that has certainly changed the way I approach food and fitness; it’s not for the herd, but if you’ve a mind to see what’s over the hills and use the information to help yourself, your family and you friends, then it’s a must for you to watch and share.

But be warned, it's fairly intensive and I can't shorten it, especially in the second part, which means it will only resonate with 1% of the population who are interested in human development and their futures.


Human BlocKchain Free Training