How To Burn Body Fat!

The process of “burning fat” can get very complicated if you want to go into the finer details but can be broken down to three main steps:



Oxidation (the burning of)

So, what do they mean?

Mobilization is releasing the fatty acids from the fat cells and getting it into the bloodstream. To do this you need to be doing a short high intensity form of exercise, ballet or similar.

Transport is as it sounds, transporting the newly released fatty acids into a working muscle via the blood. So if you are doing a intense strengthening exercises, the muscles will call upon the fatty acids transported by the blood for energy.

Oxidation, to put this simply, this is when the working muscles use fatty acids as energy and is being burnt.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

1. Excesses – Clearly this is the big one. People are quick to say why they can not do something rather than actually do it. Even the things that they have never tried before.

2. Intensity – Ballet Body Sculpture workout classes have great intensity, yet it's a very elegant way to exercise and build a beautiful posture as well and burn the calories in your workouts.

3. Eating – This one is pretty clear too, but you’ll be surprised at how many people who follow an exercise plan don’t actually know what the are eating when it comes to calories, and they get upset when they don’t see the results they want.

3a. Eat Protein – Protein is the building blocks of our bodies, hair, nails, muscles etc. If you are exercising you will need to increase the calories you are getting from protein to fuel your body.

3b. Eat Healthy Fat – Good fats like plain nuts and nut butters, coconut oils, grass feed butters etc all have great properties in keeping our fat burning hormones up naturally.

3c. Keep Carbohydrates Low (ish) – Carbohydrates is a non essential macronutrient, our bodies can and have survived without eat carbs. Carbs help raise insulin which puts you more into a fat storing mode if timed wrong. So eat those before the exercise not after:)

4. Excuses!!!

5. Listening To The Wrong People – There are too many people in this world that give out bad health and fitness advice from the Government, media, all the way down to your best friend and the person trying to sell stuff like Herbalife, Forever Living, and Slimming clubs. So its no wonder that people don’t get what they want. With so much information coming at them from different angles what direction do you go down?

Always talk to and only listen to a professional trainer/coach. That might sound biased but a good trainer will teach you more in a few sessions than anyone I have listed in point 5.

So, how to burn fat?

Eat a diet plan mostly proteins and fats, having carbs the third priority. Follow a regular and intense training programme, mostly strength training based , so why not not try Ballet Body Sculpture Classes?:) Group classes or Private training sessions, if you really want to see great body changes coming quickly.

And don't give yourself excuses!:)

Enjoy the summer and I look forward to seeing you in our classes!

"You can have RESULTS or excuses NOT BOTH." - Get away from the heat into our cool studios! See you by the
Posted by Ballet Body Sculpture on Monday, June 29, 2015