7 Important Tips Of How To Lose Weight and Stay Lean

Today, everyone with an excess body fat is looking for the short cut or miracle #diet to lose the extra pounds. Summer is here and you want to feel confident during your holiday time or on the beach.

With dedication and consistency to your training and dieting you can make drastic changes in a very short time frame.

We all want to lose weight and remain slim. We all know that diet is the backbone to losing fat and #getting lean.

Here are 7 dieting tricks that will help you lose fat and build lean muscles.

1. Keep It Tight

You don’t need to be on a 100% strict diet for you to lose weight and gain muscles. This means eating foods that provide enough quality nutrients that is necessary to help your body repair and recover.

You will need to concentrate on complex carbohydrates, good fats and proteins. This is because the body will use such additional nutrients to provide essential energy. Losing weight and gaining lean muscles may take time and effort but in time you will notice significant changes.

Avoid proceed foods and foods that contain high sugar content at the wrong times of the day which will raise hormones and get stored as fat.

2. Take Control

When you reduce your calorie intake too much in the attempt to shift your excess body fat, you can actually slow down your metabolism.

The best way is to trick the body is by controlling your calories intake.

By controlling your calories intake and keeping an eye on the small changes to your body shape you can lower your calories by 250 if you are putting on weight and increase them if you are losing weight (muscle as well as fat) too quickly.

3. Limits you’re Restrictive Dieting

Studies have shown that dropping your calories for an extended period of time can not only affect the levels of fat burning hormone but can also influence the levels of anabolic hormone such as growth hormone and testosterone.

Decreasing the levels of these anabolic hormones can significantly influence the hormonal balance in the body and this may have a profound effect on your achieving your results.

Additionally, prolonged calories deficit can cause muscle breakdown since the metabolism process may shift to protein breakdown so as to provide the body with sufficient energy.

If you are in a restricted diet, limit it to 8 to 12 weeks and maybe reward yourself with something yummy, want your cake and eat it? You have work for it!

4. Add Carbs to Your Diet

A low Carb diet can help you in losing weight quickly but the fact is that you need to add some carbs in your diet so as to keep your anabolic hormones at a constant level.

For muscles to function properly they need energy in form of glycogen and carbs are the main source of that.

To ensure you are maximizing fat loss and at the same time you are preventing muscle breakdown, ensure you time your Carb consumption. The best time to eat carbs is post-workout. This re-loads your lost muscle glycogen.

During this time eat complex carbohydrates alongside a good source of proteins.

5. Concentrate On High Protein Diet

If you are trying to lose weight and at the same time build lean muscles, your protein intake should always be high, but the percentages can differ depending on your body type. To lose weight you need to cut down your calorie levels by reducing the levels of carbs and fats in your diet.

However, add more proteins into your diet as this help to build muscles and preserve them.

The good sources of protein include chicken, lean red meat and eggs, and protein powers should be a last resort if you struggle to eat a solid meal at certain points in the day.

This will help you to build lean muscles as you shed more fats.

6. Add Cheat Food Occasionally

To drop fat and maintain the muscles, it is advisable to add cheat meals to your diet.

The importance of cheat meal is to restock your muscle glycogen load and stimulate production of fat burning hormone known as leptin.

After a few weeks of restricted diet, the hormone leptin can get shut down and this can lower the metabolism.

To maintain this hormone add a cheat meal such as fast foods once in a while. This does not mean every weekend.

Depending on your food history you may have to put off these cheat meals for a few weeks at the beginning of your diet.

7. Add Good Fats to Your Diet

Studies have shown that a diet low in essential fats can decrease the levels of important hormones necessary in building muscles.

For this reason, it is advisable to include a good amount of fat in your diet if you want to add lean muscle.

If you lower your carb intake you will need to increase your fat intake.

After some time your body will use fat as the chosen energy source as oppose to carbs. Eat foods that contain good fats such as avocados, walnuts, almonds and fish.

Apart from professional exercises, cardio training program and ballet, diet is the best solution to burn fat, build your perfect body lines and remain lean.

The progress can be achieved very quickly, even just in a couple of weeks, if you remain persistant and dedicated to our professional advice.

See you in class!


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