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Ballet Body Sculpture is a Unique Ballet Based Exercise Workout Program regardless of your age, ballet, dance or fitness experience. Perfect for those looking to create a graceful posture and body line, using techniques from classical ballet, Pilates, stretching and Neuro Linguistic Programming; forming a powerful mind & body connection for immediate and lasting results. No previous experience in ballet is necessary to join our classes and start creating your dream body line, elegance & posture. Available classes : Group & Personal training 


How can I lose weight quickly - few days before an event!

As it's a party season, we all want to look and feel at our best, the big question is how to get slimmer quickly to look better in that lovely dress? Is it really possible to slim down in a day or two?.
No worries, here are some great tips. First of all - do a workout that makes you sweat a lot the day before, alternate cardio with total-body strength moves. No time to get to the gym or exercise studio? No worries, join online classes and gain the benefit from your personal trainer at home! And don't skimp on H2O, start drinking eight cups of water per day two days before and up until your event, cutting back to six the day of, it dilutes sodium in your blood, preventing water retention.
So let's get going and to get you ready for the great party time!

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