Effective At Home Exercises To Sculpt Great Legs

Are you looking for leg and butt exercises so that you can sculpt your legs? Stop staring at the celebrities in magazines with the legs of your dreams and start doing something about it! 

Work out your thigh muscles and achieve that sculpted definition with these classical ballet exercises to tone your legs. As a principle ballet dancer I have helped many clients to define their body & legs, let me share with you these effective exercises with you that will help to create your perfect legs! You don't need any additional equipment, for the barre exercises just hold on to a chair. So, what are you waiting for? Get toning & sculpt those fabulous legs!

Try combining this :

Sculpt Slim Ballerina Legs & Strong Core. The exercises are designed to get you super lean and slender, boost your metabolism, firm and burn!

Level -Beginner /Approx.25min

Toned Glutes, Great Legs & Defined Hips. A low impact body sculpting workout designed to strengthen, shape and tone the muscles in your legs and bottom.

Level -Beginner /Approx.25min

Create Your Dream Body Line! An elegant Ballet Barre Workout class based on some muscle firing exercises from the classical ballet to tone up your muscles, lengthen, strengthen your legs, stretch & sculpt your thighs, calves and glutes for a stunning body silhouette.

Level: Beginner /Approx.:30min

Challenging & highly effective total body workout class. Beautifully designed series of mat, ballet barre, centre and stretching exercises that will fire up all your muscles, burn the calories, slim, tone up, stretch & lengthen your full body, creating elegant posture as well as sculpt a ballet dancer-like body line.

Level : Beginner/Intermediate

Approx.: 50 min

Enjoy exercising and creating your best body!

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