Healthy Summer Dessert

You can make amazing ice cream and keep it healthy! There are lots of different ingredients to experiment with (coconut milk, frozen bananas, avocado, soy or almond milk), and you can do it with or without an ice cream maker. Here are a few basic tips to keep in mind: 

  • Fat helps you get the right creamy texture. That's what makes coconut milk such a perfect substitute for whole milk and cream. Give it a shot, even if you think you don't love coconut; the flavor is pretty subtle, especially if you mix it with fruit, chocolate, etc.

  • Make sure any sweetener you add is in syrup/liquid form, or it'll cause crystals to form.

  • Make sure all your ingredients are as cold as they can be pre-freezing/blending. That'll help everything combine without starting to melt too much, which can make for a grainy final product.

Here’s one simple summer desert recipe for you to enjoy. Sweet and creamy, it’s the perfect cold treat on a hot day!



  • 320g/11oz tin of coconut condensed milk

  • 350g/12oz icing sugar

  • Optional; a couple of drops of red food colouring

How to make:

1. Add the coconut and sugar into a large mixing bowl, fold together with a wooden spoon. Once combined add in the condensed milk.

2. Give the mixture a very thorough mix to fully combine everything, it will become very stiff, but keep working to mix it completely.

3. This next step is optional – add a few drops of red food colouring to half the mixture, dust your hands with icing sugar, and knead it through. I did this in the mixing bowl, you can also knead on a working surface (I would recommend dusting the surface with more icing sugar first).

4. Firmly press the mixture down, using your hands or the flat bottom of a glass (again dusting your hands/glass with icing sugar). If you also did two layers, add the second layer on top and flatten that down too.

5. Finally chill the mixture in the fridge for a minimum of three hours. Serve it with your favourite topping!

Enjoy and keep healthy!

Looking forward to seeing you at our classes!