The Confidence Gold Rush

Confidence is the gold rush of the 21st century, and in the ballet world —it sets one average dancer apart from a super star. People love confidence, in fact they fall in love with confidence in any and every aspect of life. 

This doesn’t mean the kind of false confidence that comes from an over-blown ego, or even the illusory superiority many people show to defend a lack of self-confidence at the core. True confidence seem effortless, but it is both an inner and outer game that we all have to play if we want to live authentic limitless lives. In the ballet, when a Principle takes the stage, it is both an acting role and a dancing role; it’s expressive, athletic and fluid, but it takes daily practice and commitment to achieve at this level.


For those clients who come to Ballet Body Sculpture — there are a number of things they are usually looking for — such as increased strength, flexibility, posture, a better body line, weight loss, and fun. It’s a way of combining female elegance and fitness to achieve the great gains that make you look good and feel good — and this means you feel confident.

But this is just the beginning of that feeling, a small sample that you get from switching off the challenges of the day, resetting your mind and cleansing your soul. Yes I would go that far, and for many of our clients these days, the desire to gain ever-increasing levels of confidence is a demand we are happy to supply. In fact, once you realise just how much ‘confidence’ can change your life and your fortunes, you tend to wonder why you ignored developing it before.

However, expanding your levels of confidence has possibly been seen as something of an admission that you lack in that department — the one quality that frankly gets you the career, business, love, and happiness you deserve. Yet these days, times have changed and now there is a fashionable gold rush for gaining as much confidence as you can; not because you want to show off on the outside — but just because it makes you feel great on the inside. It really is addictive, and those specialists who can elevate your confidence effectively with rapid results — are in high demand right now, for it is a very skilled profession. This is not coaching, this is is specialised personal mind training, that addresses negative thought and language patterns as well as perspectives, so the individual suddenly finds themselves with a highly creative mindset and a positive internal voice to match, that makes them absolutely radiate confidence to others


No more self destructive thoughts, or negative behaviour, or wishing you said the right thing or chastising yourself — and certainly no more seeking validation with the opposite or same sex or your boss. You’re your own person — someone who knows what they want and has the confidence to go get it. Sounds great doesn’t it, and it is — as it leads to meaning, purpose and destiny, even true love.

These days I see clients from all over the world who want more confidence, and as I said — it’s a bit of a gold rush, as so many people want that extra special part of their life they’ve been missing. Business or pleasure, once you have confidence your future really is limitless, you never look back and you’re never held back.

If you’d like to explore what confidence at a limitless level can do for you, then book a Skype 30 minute exploratory session for free, and if you like what you experience, get a Ballet Body Sculpture 50% discount down to 250CHF for a 60 minute full confidence training session targeted at the area of your life you most want to see immediate results in.