Frequency Motivation

In any aspect of maintaining the mind and body, frequency is a subject few people talk about, yet it is the most important aspect of everything we do.



Frequency is the vibrational band we operate within, and it’s something we all have to work on to heighten the level of awareness we have — as well as the resonance we project. Everything has a frequency — a particular wave length, and as you might expect — we tend to attract certain ranges to us, or suffer the ills the particular band we subscribe to, tends to manifest.


Thought is the highest vibrational frequency — it’s not limited by matter, light, or energetic fields. Thus thought is the primary mechanism great healers work though to manipulate energy, and the vibrational base of the physical world ( here we need to look into quantum physics for a moment in a later blog) ; but for those who remain blissfully unaware that they are anything more than a consumer slave within an inauthentic transient identity — based around a particular process of creating wealth without any regard for the frequency they are operating within — the body and the mind will ultimately fall victim to difficulties the unconscious daily walking sleep state will manifest.


If you’ve ever wondered why people suffer diseases, or conditions like obesity, or are depressed, or neurotic, or a host of other difficulties that seem to plague the human race, start to look at frequency in your own life and you will begin to understand the WHY behind many aspects of life we like to think are unfathomable, simply because life seems easier not to know — but in the long term ignorance is deadly.


There are many frequencies — such as love, joy, pleasure, happiness — we call emotions — in biological terms heightened chemical and neurological states that we experience; internal results of external stimuli. Thus the frequency of our environment is super important if you want to develop mentally or physically. To develop the body, we need positive reinforcement, usually beyond ourselves, in the form of someone rewarding us with good vibes, progressive thoughts and words — part of a team that’s progressing and developing. This makes us feel motivated and on the right track, as well as valued in the relationship, whatever that relationship may be, lover, partner, boss, trainer, friend etc.



Who we surround ourselves with sets up a frequency of life that is either progressive or regressive. Unfortunately within our society, the polarity is often negative, even though we may fight tooth and nail to preserve that dynamic, simply because we are unaware there may be something more rewarding to find; or we’re even afraid of finding out our lives could be so much more. For when you do accept you could be fitter, you could be happier, you could feel more passion — you then have to begin to make some fundamental choices that may lead you far away from where you currently are; this can be scary, but scary leads to a life that’s all you could want or ever dream of. A life you were destined to have.


In truth, we create the frequency of the health, wealth and happiness we enjoy — we manifest it in every thought and sensation we have, and over time the compound effect of the frequency of consciousness is felt in mind, body and soul. Most people prefer not to think, not to question, not to have to choose — not just because it’s easier not to, but they simply have never been shown how. Thus they suffer the whips and scorns of time, both mentally and physically.


If I could go back to a younger self today, I’d tell that younger self exactly what I tell my clients today. Don’t worry, don’t stress, ask the bigger questions of yourself and those around you, and if you don’t get the right answers, seek to change yourself and change the company you keep until you do. Value every minute like it was your last, and make sure that it isn’t — by giving your mind and body everything they need to thrive. Love yourself, and strive to develop the authentic you beyond your birth name and all the adopted identities you think are you; beyond all the people who want you to think like them, because it makes them feel powerful at your expense — live by your rules. If you have insecurities — deal with them or they will hold you back from life and love as it should be. Be passionate, be adventurous, and always take opportunity when it presents itself, for that is why opportunities exist— they are gifts for you to uncover and explore. Don’t think — if only, don’t think - should have, could have, would have — don’t be left with regrets, be left with great memories, and the ability to manifest more to come.


I’d say this to my younger self, if of course that impetuous soul would listen to a word I had to say — before saying “I’m doing that all anyway”.