Essential Tips : Staying Fit During The Summer Holidays


1. Keep Up With Your Flexibility

Summer travels often distracts our dedication to health and fitness routines. When you are on the go, try to develop healthy daily habits. Just a few simple 5min stretches in the morning and in the evening will keep your mobility and make it easy to come back to your regular classes after the holidays! Don’t panic if you miss a workout or your routine gets off. So long as you are committed to making your get away as healthy as possible you will be making small adjustments that create a big difference.


2. Stay Balanced 

Travel is about refreshing the body and the mind, it isn’t a vacation if you can’t relax and enjoy! That said, you will find much easier to balance out summer indulgences combining it with some healthier choices. Add in a salad and extra veggies to your meal. Skip the pre dinner bread basket in exchange for dessert. Small choices can make a big impact in the longer run!:)


3. Exercise Online

Take your workout with you! Online classes is the ideal way to stay connected with your trainer and Ballet Body Sculpture program on the go. If you are heading to an area where you won't have reception  – our Ballet DVDs can be a good choice!


4. Workout Can Be Effective in Just 5 - 10 min! 

When you are traveling even a mini workout goes a long way to keep you connected to your regular fitness program! Why not try a few abs toning exercises  : BBS - Slimfit -Perfect Abs Quick! and a quick legs & bottom fixing class : BBS Quick Bottom Lifting & Thigh Sculpting Workout from our streaming library ! :)


5. Take Your Exercise Class Outside!

Summer is a perfect time to exercise outside! Take advantage of gorgeous summer weather, beautiful places you are visiting and take your workout to go! Did you try our BBS Beach Series - Toned Arms ? It's just 5min to keep your upper body in shape! By the way if you like to have more choice, our online classes library has over 40 workouts to choose from! 

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Looking forward to seeing you in class!