Manage Your Body To Improve Your Life

Let's take a look at what things do you do during the day that are shaping your body, either positively or negatively...?

Often we are a little oblivious to just how much we are conditioning our body with how we hold ourselves and move during the day, but every movement we do (or don’t do) will either take us closer to, or further away from our goals. So if you know that one hip is more turned out than the other, or you have a scoliosis to one side, take a few minutes during the day to observe yourself. When you are sitting, do you sit off to the side? Do you always stand on one foot more than the other? Do you always sleep on one side? Do you sink into your most comfortable range, and how does that correspond to your asymmetries? These seemingly simple things can have a huge impact on your body, so especially if you have been struggling with working on a particular area for a while with limited results, identifying the things that you do physically during the day may have a big effect in actually changing how this are of your body feels.

But it’s not only physical...


Take some time during the day to watch people around you. See if you can identify how that person is feeling simply from their body posture. Have you ever noticed that you can tell when someone is really down, or feeling depressed just from the slump of their shoulders? Even when you cannot see a person’s face, their body will normally give away what is going on inside. If someone is having a particularly difficult time, it may be really hard for them to hold a good posture during the day. Rather than work on stretching and strengthening the areas involved, we may need to actually address the deeper issue, that is driving the posture. While you often can’t change an external situation, you may be able to change the way you respond to it, feel about it, in a more empowered way.

It’s also sometimes a little like the Chicken and the Egg...

If you have been holding a certain posture for a long time, it may actually be making you feel a certain way, even though the original reason you were in that position is no longer there. Our bodies remember our habits far too well, and sometime changing how you are physically can have an enormous impact on your psychological state of mind.

I hope that this helps you become more aware of the things that you do that are influencing your body, your life and what you can do about it!

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See you by the barre!