7 Steps To Your Beach Body This Summer

The summer is all around us but it's never too late to get your body in to a lean and toned shape for the summer holiday  season!

Summer is the season when everyone wants to look good. Here are seven tips to get a toned and lean body this summer, without too much of extreme effort.

1. Banish belly bloat with a probiotic. Probiotics support digestive health with good bacteria that brings balance to your belly. Digestive enzymes support digestive health and works with your body's natural detox process so you can get the most out of your healthy diet.


2. Take a hot shower followed by a cold shower. This elevates puffiness and tightens your skin so you look leaner. 


3. Eat breakfast. Studies show that women who skip breakfast are at a much greater risk of obesity. A small breakfast of some fruit, eggs, vegetables, low sugar cereal or yogurt is the perfect way to balance out your diet.


4. Take the pounds off by dressing to fit your body. Summer dresses create one visual line on a woman, and they look great on any body type. 


5. Put on your stilettos. Wearing high heels makes your legs look longer and a pointy toe will further accentuate the visual line. A great pair of heels accompanied with a summer dress will make you look amazing for your next summer party.

6. Posture! Developing a great posture will make you look slimmer, taller, confident, happy and more attractive! See more details HERE


7. Exercise! It seems quite obvious, however most of us during the holiday season tend to relax and put it aside. However even 20-30min of effective exercise a day will keep your body in a good condition making you can feel confident in any environment or outfit!

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