The Benefits of Dancing

For most, taking a dance class may seem trivial, but in many cases becomes the life changing experience that so many are seeking. If you don’t believe it, just look at this list of the most notable benefits of dancing. It’s evident that dance positively impacts all aspects of your life: physicalemotional and mental healthsocial life and more. Additionally, people of all ages can reap these benefits: children, students, adults and seniors. Ready to start dancing today? Check out our classes HERE!


So what are the benefits of dancing? See bellow just to name a few: 

1. Memory & Concentration

It has been proven that learning new dance moves and combinations improves memory and concentration.


2. Flexibility & Elegance 

Dance or ballet will make you more flexible, elegant and graceful in your everyday life. It would also help you to become more aware of your body as well as posture.


3. Sleep & Stress Level

Regular physical activity produces endorphins - chemicals in your brain that help you to improve your sleep as well as to reduce stress and anxiety.


4. Empowerment & Confidence

Attending dance or ballet classes regularly will make will make you feel good about yourself. It will make you feel disciplined, confident and more in control of your daily life.


5. Weight & Metabolism

Dance exercises combined with a healthy nutrition will help you to loose weight, boost your metabolism and stay in shape!


6. Unwind & Recover

Dance forces to live in the now. It disconnects you from all your problems, giving you a chance to unwind and recover from stresses of your daily life.


7.  Happiness & Mood

Dancing and interaction with other happy people is one of the most powerful natural antidepressants. It fantastically improves your mood and increases your overall happiness.


8. It Is Fun!

With so much changing in the world and in your life, dance will always be there as something fun to do.


9. Any Age Is Perfect

You don't need to be a certain age. At any age such a physical activity will bring lots of benefits to your body and soul.


10. Posture & Blood Flow

Dance and ballet tones your muscles, improves your posture and blood flow, boosting your immune system and overall health.

So Happy Dancing! See you by the barre:


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