7 Ballet Body Sculpture Workouts To Burn Those Extra Holiday Calories!

Want to burn off holiday calories so you can avoid holiday weight gain? Excess calorie consumption during the holiday time can make you put on weight a lot quicker as you are more relaxed and less consious about the calorie intake. To help you slim down after the holiday time we have some ultra-effective workouts. So are you ready to get started? Then follow these post-holiday workouts that can help you burn off holiday calories and feel guilt less for good reason!

1. Ballet Body Sculpture - Elegant Posture, Arms & Back - Tone your upper body and gently get the heart rate up & running!

Create perfect posture & feminine ballerina arms. A graceful workout designed to give you toned, lengthened, elegant, arms and a beautiful back. Low impact, artistic exercises with high impact results.
Level : Beginner
Length : Approx. 20min

2. Ballet Body Sculpture - Workout Class IV - Full Body Blast!

From Top To Toe – Boost your metabolism, slim & tone your perfect lines! Full Body Blast targeting muscles in the legs, butt, core, abs and upper body. Elegant yet challenging exercises will sleek 'ballet muscles' while getting your heart rate up even more!
Level : Beginner/Intermediate
Length : Approx. 30min

3. BBS Workout Class - Barre - I ( Beginner )

Create Your Dream Body Line & Posture!
An elegant Ballet Barre Workout class based on some muscle firing exercises from the classical ballet to tone up your muscles, lengthen, strengthen your legs, stretch & sculpt your thighs, calves and glutes for a stunning body silhouette.
Level : Beginner
Length : Approx. 30min

4. Ballet Body Sculpture - Ballet Barre - II

Based on classical ballet dancer's barre, this Ballet Body Sculpture Workout class is created to help refining elegant posture, work the thighs, glutes, core, tone up all your muscles, lengthen, strengthen and sculpt a ballerina-like body from top to toe.
Level : Beginner/Intermediate
Length : Approx. 25min

5. Ballet Body Blast Express - From Head To Toe!

Full ballet body workout class to tighten, lengthen, tone your thighs and sculpt out your waistline in less than 25min!
Intense, fun and very effective classical ballet sequences including a warm up, ballet barre & relaxing stretchers.
Enhanced with a mood lifting music for you to enjoy & love your body!
Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Approx. 23min

6. Ballet Body Sculpture - Workout Class III

Toned Glutes, Great Legs & Defined Hips. A low impact body sculpting workout designed to strengthen, shape and tone the muscles in your legs and bottom.
Level : Beginner
Length : Approx. 25min

7. BBS Full Body Blast II - To challenge and burn it off!

Challenging & highly effective total body workout class. Beautifully designed series of mat, ballet barre, centre and stretching exercises that will fire up all your muscles, burn the calories, slim, tone up, stretch & lengthen your full body, creating elegant posture as well as sculpt a ballet dancer-like body line.
Level : Beginner/Intermediate
Approx.: 50 min

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