Exercising Ballet - A Treatment For Your Body

Most women through out their life spend many hours trying improve their look in some way. Looking after the skin, fashion, cosmetics or beauty salons, it all makes us feel more confident. Unfortunately exercising and looking after the physical part of the body is often pushed back, as it takes a lot more effort and willpower to get started. But the great thing is that physical exercise becomes very easily addictive to your mind & body, giving that wonderful feeling after a good workout

Why do you need exercise?
For younger people, exercise is often a bit of a stress buster, as you get older, it’s much more about staying mobile and supple so that you can continue doing all the things you enjoy. Keeping fit and enjoying your daily routines, travelling, gardening and dancing.

Is ballet workout class hard work?
It’s challenging but also great fun. It’s a 60-minute class that focuses on posture, mobility, balance and strength. It starts off with a warm-up, gradually increasing the pace. Some of the moves involve learning and remembering a sequence of dance steps, which also exercises the mind! Passive as well as active stretches maintain flexibility and strength. NLP exercises will secure what's learned, allowing fast and positive progress.

Is it intimidating?
Not at all. It’s very sociable. Exercising in a group is great for motivation, everyone is there for the same reason. It’s always welcoming and non-judgemental, don't be afraid to get it wrong! The social contact is just as important as the exercise.

How often do you need to exercise?
Well, it depends on what you would like to achieve. Just as much as your facial skin, your body needs attention daily. To achieve good results ballet workout class is advisable to exercise at least 3 times a week. 

And lastly...
It’s not about being a skinny or having a model figure. It’s about feeling great. Exercise should make you happy,  bring positive moods, is more about how it makes you feel than how it makes you look. It can make a real difference to things like preventing falls by working on your balance and cheating osteoporosis through better bone density. Regular exercise is known to be beneficial for those with high blood pressure or late onset diabetes. Ballet exercise will help you get to know your body. You learn to recognise alarm bells, such as stress and fatigue. It gives you the tools to help you feel better through relaxation and good breathing techniques, enabling better sleep, avoiding injury and feeling in control of your health. 

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