Simple Steps To Weight Loss

Need to shift the pounds? Here are the smart ways to torch fat:
If you're looking for lasting weight loss, then it's best achieved over a lengthy amount of time. But if a special occasion is calling for some fast fat loss, then make sure you're doing it safely and as effectively as possible with our top tips:
Exercise at low & high intensity
Periods during exercise should be short, keeping your heart rhythm going, so it never slows down neither becomes too fast, upping strength & weight loss. This a reason why ballet based workout became so popular helping to shape your body lines and creating that grace as well feeling of an uplift within. It recruits deep more muscle tissue, boosting the body's metabolism, builds for strength, flexibility as well as posture. So you start to look and feel better almost straight away.
Cut out refined carbs
Carbohydrates and starchy foods that have little to no fibre - such as pasta, rice and potatoes - will do nothing but sabotage your weight loss goals, not to mention your health. They create a massive spike in your blood sugar levels, causing the body to release insulin - a hormone that shuts off fat burn and encourages fat storage.
Get enough sleep
Sleep is important for a number of reasons, but especially when it comes to staying in shape. A lack of it will put your body under serious stress, and unfortunately, the stress hormone cortisol is also bad news for fat loss. It could also be the reason why you find it particularly tough to shift belly fat - it promotes the storage of fat in this pesky area especially.
More ideas and tip how to improve your body lines, join our ballet workout classes - group, personal training, absolute beginner and online classes:

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