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Think yourself slim: imagine a slimmer you

Visualisation is the bedrock of hypnotherapy, retraining the brain to get rid of negative thoughts and images and replace them with the positive kind. The brain takes from 10 to 21 days to let go of an old belief and lock on to a new one, and it can help you slim.

It's not about imagining yourself as Cameron Diaz in a thong. It's all about repeating positive words and images - it takes practice but what the subconscious is told it accepts.

What's the trick? 

The key is repeating positive visualisations for a number days.
Make a list of negative things you say and make them positive. "I will always be fat" changes to "I am changing my shape". Take time every day to visualise and repeat positive affirmations. "You can eat healthily and love it. You can be a dress size smaller. You can find ten minutes a day to exercise."

Every time you visualise, make the picture exciting, and increase the duration and intensity. Add positive words. The more you visualise the more you'll believe your visualisation is possible:)

In addition:

Find the kind of exercise you enjoy, that fits into your life and you won't be able to resist going back for more! 
Try a variety of classes and whittle it down to your favourite you can see yourself going back 
to regularly - then get stuck in and enjoy your progression!

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