The Motivation of Direction

One of the biggest difficulties we all face — is manifesting the ‘motivation of direction’. The big WHY behind the choices we make in everything we do.

When to comes to ballet fitness, the big why’s you need to address to maximise your rewards are, why are you doing ballet, and why do you have your current expectations.


Funnily enough, most people make their choices simply on impulse it seems on the face of it; but on a psychological front, often the ‘why’ comes from a multitude of unconscious drivers that seep up into the analytical mind — and an impulse seems to comes to mind. So if we can question our decision, the ‘why’ behind the surface ‘why’ we tell ourselves, we can become more aware of the true driver’s behind our choices, and thus manage them better for better outcomes.

This is a methodology that takes us to a higher state of awareness about who we are and what we want from life; this is empowerment, and once you have it— there is no procrastination, waffle or doubt, as we know why we really want something and then know ‘why’ we are going to do everything in our power to achieve the result we want.

If our ‘why’ is not good enough to motivate us through the low times — that always arise when we are on a journey of achievement, then we have to redefine and reframe our ‘why’ so it’s crystal — to become super motivational, a driver with all the energy we need to succeed. 

You can see from this understanding, if we don’t go deep into ourselves, we can easily fall foul of a lack of commitment, consistency and determination.

The ‘why’ of expectations is equally important. For if we analyse what needs to be done — to achieve the result we want, we then know the path and actions that will serve as definite milestones, not idle fancies. The problem however, comes from our perspective filter of reality, that is governed by generalisation, deletion and distortion that society tends to imprint on us. Here our internal dialogue will give us a selective picture or ‘mind film’ of what we think should happen in life. This can be extremely out of sync with what reality affords us, and thus can lead to disappointment, pain and blame.


Some time ago, we were asked as a company by a top magazine to create a six week program that would create a dancer’s body. This is something we rejected, as for many women even seeing and advert like this would lead to false expectations and a distorted reality of what is possible within an honest time and budget perspective.

If you work out every day for 90 minutes, you will get a dancer’s body in six weeks — potentially, but flexibility and winding back the years of going the other way physically and mentally, come into play.

When a client comes to me for higher levels of confidence and direction, or to Asta for physical development, they step into a world of top level expertise. Asta has been at the top of the ballet world for most of her adult life, and I’ve been at the top end of the coaching world for some time now, after about 18 years of working at it, and through the bullshit in it.

We give our clients realism, fact, and progressive steps, but we also realise because the society we live in distorts the reality of realistic fitness and mental development — pulling it down to a low simplistic level — so most people just want a pill to make it all happen without any effort, we know that many people will just not value what it takes to be on top of their mental and physical game.

We are all tested all of the time in life, and every decision we make adds up to a cumulative outcome in everything we do. The fact is, when it comes to the ‘motivation of direction’, it’s just like taking a journey in a car. Get a map and a trusted guide, research what is likely to happen, but be prepared to face unexpected difficulty — and still the most likely point you will be really tested is when your goal is nearest, but not in sight.


If you stay resolute and stay the course, then you’ll certainly find the break throughs you are looking for that lead to the body and the mindset you would like; fundamental to your well being and continued happiness.