Stretching: what that you should know

What is stretching?

I know you that some of you think that stretching means doing splits, bridges and stuff like that but in reality it is a specific technique that should relax your muscles and release the tensions.

In every sport activity there should be a section dedicated to stretching exercises and doctors reccomend it for everyone, especially who does a sedentary work.

In fact, this technique is helpful to stretch the connective tissue that needs to be worked to stay active and healthy.

1. Static stretching

It is the most popular technique and it consists in holding each position for 30 seconds. It can be active if you use your strength or passive if you add an external force.

This is also one of the oldest methods, however static stretching is not always enough if you want to achieve long terms results.

2. Dynamic stretching

It is the opposite of static stretching. In this method you are always in movement to keep your muscles working during stretching. It doesn’t always require to be extremely warm.

3. Contraction-relax

It requires a partner that helps you to add force for about 10- 20 seconds in a position and then relax. This method can significantly improve your flexibility! We use this technique a lot in our personal training sessions.

4. Active Isolated Stretching

In this method you hold the stretch for just 2-3 seconds and then relax, but it has several repetitions and in each one you have to increase the level.

5. Myofascial release

It consist in using a foam roller that helps you to massage, activate your muscles and release every tension in your body using your own body weight. There are harder and softer ones but both works very well, you can choose it basing on your sensibility and preferences

General tips

-A simple but important reccomendation is to breathe correctly in every single exercise. It may seem silly but believe me, you will have greater results!

-Another one it’s to stay hydrated and drink water often. You muscles need oxygen as well as liquids.

-Improve your stretching by doing it on a soft yoga mat. You should feel comfortable and your bones shouldn’t be pressed on the floor.

-Put on some relaxing music for your brain. It will help you to stretch your muscles more.

-Never stretch if you’re cold. I prefer doing some dynamic stretching after waking up and maybe something harder before going to bed, after an hot shower.

A little resume:

-stretching is a technique that lengthen and relax your muscles;

-there are different styles of stretching: today we saw dinamic, static, contraction-relax, active isolated and myofascial release;

-being warmed up is important!

-you have to stay hydrated and drin water to optimize the result.

See you in our classes!

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